Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Record Car Count on Day 1 of the 45th Annual Baxter Auto Parts Season Opener!!

On Saturday, May 19th, the 45th Annual Baxter Auto Parts / Bi-Mart / Malarkey Roofing Season Opener featured Top Alcohol Dragsters & Funny Cars, AA/Supercharged, Pro Nostalgia, Jets, Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series (Super Pro, Pro, and Sportsman where Derrick Jackson took the win in a car he borrowed from his brother), Dragster/Roadster (finals were on Sunday), Super Quick , Super Comp, Super Street, Super Stock/Stock, NW Dragbike (Pro Mod, Quick 8, ET Motorcycle), Harley, and Jr Lightning & Thunder, which saw 330 competitors take to the all-concrete quarter-mile, and on Sunday, the ever popular event saw that number increase to 342 competitors.

Saturday’s results are posted below: we were unable to finish Super Quick Saturday, but finished on Sunday Morning, and those results are posted below.  Running out of daylight Saturday, we were unable to complete Super Pro and Pro.  There were 5 drivers remaining (Devon Hilton, Ken Sweo, Cory Jackson, Kurt Gross, and Tony Schroeder), and Pro with 2 drivers remaining (Steve Kelly and Mike Hanson). We rewarded the win to the driver with the best reaction time in the 4th round.  In Super Pro, it was: Ken Sweo with a .000 perfect light. Runner-up was given to: Cory Jackson, who had the 2nd best reaction time of .007. In Pro, it was: Steve Kelly with an .020 reaction time.  Runner-up was given to: Mike Hansen, who had the 2nd best reaction time of .045.  All drivers split the purse evenly, and all of the remaining drivers received points for a 4th round win.

The A-1 Performance Trans & Converters Package for Points Winners were:
Super Pro: Ken Sweo, Oregon City, OR, in his ’72 Capri, with a .007 package – Abby’s
Pro: Jerry Biscay, Toledo, OR in his ’65 Ford, with a .006 package – Pico Wiring
Sportsman: Tony Bombara, Sutherlin, OR, in his ’76 Chevy C10, with a .042 package – Lucas Oil
Bike/Sled: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR, on his ’74 Kawasaki, with a .009 package – Lucas Products

The final round results are: (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour)

Winner: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville, OR, ’67 A100, .084 R/T, 12.01 dial, 12.038 ET, 109.90 mph
Runner-up: Stephanie Biscay, Toledo, WA, ’56 Thunderbird, -.053 R/T, 13.60 dial, 13.550 ET, 98.42 mph
Semi’s: Danny Swopes, Dundee, OR and Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR

Winner: James Taylor, Stayton, OR, Suzuki, .091 R/T, 9.06 dial, 9.389 ET, 139.29 mph
Runner-up: Stacy Hesch, Shelton, WA, ’83 Suzuki, -.005 R/T, 9.31 dial, 9.326 ET, 137.53 mph
Semi’s: Terry Holloway, Yakima, WA, and Ted Brown, Vancouver, WA

Winner: Bob Osborne, Dallas, OR, ’87 Buell, .013 R/T, 10.85 dial, 10.882 ET, 119.98 mph
Runner-up: Mike Graver, Beaverton, OR, ’00 Harley, .079 R/T, 10.71 dial, 10.731 ET, 119.44 mph
Semi’s: William Nitta, Seattle, WA

Winner: Mark Campbell, Olympia, WA, ’06 Mullis, .017 R/T, 4.47 dial, 4.473 ET, 155.81 mph
Runner-up: Andy Taylor, Belfair, WA, ’10 Monden, .010 R/T, 4.49 dial, 4.508 ET, 153.24 mph
Semi’s: Neil Gunnarson, Buckley, WA, and Tom Malicki, Brush Prairie, WA

Winner: Dale Green, Pacific, WA, ’08 American, .020 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.906 ET, 169.14 mph
Runner-up: Darral Pettit, Bonney Lake, WA, ’08 Mullis, .011 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.882 ET, 161.29 mph
Semi’s: Emmett McKillop, Lynnwood, WA, and Brent McKinney, Wilsonville, OR

Winner: Allen Macham, Everett, WA, ’67 Nova, .023 R/T, 10.90 dial, 10.899 ET, 146.48 mph
Runner-up: Matt Kielman, Vancouver, WA, ’70 Nova, .016 R/T, 10.90 dial, 10.895 ET, 126.05 mph
Semi’s: David Wakefield, Lake Tapps, WA

Winner: Bill Bushmaker, Auburn, WA, ’76 Road Runner, .044 R/T, 11.35 dial, 11.367 ET, 114.83 mph
Runner-up: Brad Burton, Snohomish, WA, ’72 Pontiac, .054 R/T, 10.59 dial, 10.600 ET, 118.07 mph
Semi’s: Norm Webber, Springfield, OR, and Angela Bushmaker, Auburn, WA

Winner: Ian Theofelis, Port Orchard, WA, .045 R/T, 7.97 dial, 7.982 ET, 81.35 mph
Runner-up: Zachary Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB, ’16 Hercules, -.031 R/T, 7.94 dial, 7.853 ET, 82.65 mph
Semi’s: Tate Turner, Colton, OR, and Tanner Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB

Winner: Cole Dickoff, Maple Valley, WA, ’97 BOS, .090 R/T, 9.08 dial, 9.149 ET, 67.96 mph
Runner-up: Lindsey Miller, Yakima, WA, ’17 Jr Dragster, .208 R/T, 9.01 dial, 9.026 ET, 77.74 mph
Semi’s: Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, and Kiandra Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB

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