Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Pure Addiction Presents – Draggin’, Dyno’s and Diesels was a First Year Success!!

On Saturday, June 16th, Pure Addiction Presents – Draggin’, Dyno’s and Diesels had a great turnout for their 1st event with a midway of vendors, car show enthusiasts and racing which was completed under partly cloudy and dry NW skies!  Saturday afternoon, we also had the pleasure of having 35 unique vintage cars from the 2018 Trans-America Challenge stop by the track and make a few timed runs. 

Winners were:  Sawyer McMullen (Hot Truck), Gordon Reed (4WD Drive Diesel), Dan McIntosh (2WD Drive Diesel).

Hot Truck eliminations had Sawyer McMullen facing off against Tyler Fozo in the final round.  McMullen defeated Curtis Stehle and Scott Helpenstell to reach the finals while Tyler Fozo defeated Rick McAdams and Randall Johnson.  In the final round, it was Fozo who had the starting line advantage with a reaction time of .094 to McMullen’s .207 R/T, but McMullen drove around Fozo to take the win running 12.873 ET on his 12.85 dial, at 104.09 while Fozo ran 12.846 ET on his 12.70 dial at 104.09 mph.

4WD Drive Diesel eliminations had Gordon Reed facing Jacob Meyer in the final round.  Reed eliminated Nate Stove and Kerby Keller while Meyer eliminated Jim Niefert and earned a single in the 2nd round.  In the final round, Reed had a better reaction time of .079 to Meyer’s .393 and Reed continued down the track taking the win running a 13.149 ET on his 13.08 dial, at 101.90 mph against Meyer’s 13.289 ET on his 13.00 dial, at 104.93 mph.

2WD Drive Diesel eliminations had Dan McIntosh vs Anthony Iven.  McIntosh eliminated Marc Zuoan while Iven eliminated Eric Thiel to meet in the final round.  McIntosh took the win over Iven when he ran .645 R/T, 14.709 ET on his 13.20 dial at 103.61 mph.  Zuoan ran .253 R/T, 14.674 ET on his 15.50 dial at 98.83 mph

Below are the final round results for Saturday’s Classes: (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in, elapsed time (E/T), and miles per hour)

W: Sawyer McMullen, Amity, OR, ’07 Duramax, .207 R/T, 12.85 dial, 12.873 ET, 104.09 mph
R/U:  Tyler Fozo, Estacada, OR, ’04 Dodge 2500, .094 R/T, 12.70 dial, 12.846 ET, 105.52 mph
Semi’s:  Scott Helpenstell, Port Angeles, WA, and Randall Johnson, Coos Bay, OR

W:  Gordon Reed, Dallas, OR, ’04 Silverado, .079 R/T, 13.09 dial, 13.149 ET, 101.90 mph
R/U:  Jacob Meyer, Edgewood, WA, ’08 F350, .393 R/T, 13.00 dial, 13.289 ET, 104.93 mph
Semi’s:  Kerby Keller, Veneta, OR

W:  Dan McIntosh, Lebanon, OR, ’08 F350, .645 R/T, 13.20 dial, 14.709, ET, 103.61 mph
R/U:  Anthony Iven, Vancouver, WA, ’15 Sierra 2500, .253 R/T, 15.50 dial, 14.674 mph
Semi’s:  Marc Zuoan, Aldergrove, BC, and Eric Thiel, Canby, OR

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