Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Pracht, Kielman, Landis, Powell, Mumford, Grady, Rea, Hagenauer, Palamaris, Kuhns, Bronec, Stotts, Turner, Scrivner, and Mauer all took wins on Sunday, September 30th!

Sunday, September 30th was the 5th race in the Fall ET Series (Electronics, Transbrake & Footbrake), Fall ET Series #5, Modern MuscleCar #7, Streetcar Syndicate, World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #5, Pickup #7, Hole in the Hood #7, Vision Diesel #6, Volkswagen #7, NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact #6, Powderpuff #7, Run Tuff, World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #5, and Jr Tuff. Winners are: Mark Pracht (Electronics), Matt Kielman (Transbrake), Curtis Landis (Foot Brake), Dan Powell (Modern MuscleCar), Robert Mumford (Street Car Syndicate), Mike Grady (Pickup), Bob Rea (Hole in the Hood), Dale Hagenauer (Vision Diesel), Bud Kuhns (NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact), Valerie Bronec (Powderpuff), Kurtis Stotts (Run Tuff), Tucker Turner (World of Speed Jr Lightning), Logan Scrivner (World of Speed Jr Thunder) and Emma Maurer (World of Speed Jr Tuff).

With one race left (on Sunday, October 7th), in the Fall ET Series and the World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series, the top point leaders are:
Electronics: Adam Nicholson with 260 points, Rochelle Robnett with 190 points, Gary Palmateer with 180 points, and a 3-way tie for Ken McConnell, Scott Nuciforo, and Joe Froome with 110 points and 2 round wins each. 
Transbrake: Darwin LaFord with 240 points, Rick Sales Sr with 120 points, Frank Sukosd with 90 points. 
Foot Brake: Curtis Landis with 310 points, Scott Parks with 290 points, Jeff Marchi with 190 points, Brandon Robinson with 180 points and Rod Beaumont with 150 points.
Jr Lightning:  Ryan Bese with 250 points, Ramon Vincent with 200 points, 5 round wins, and Jayden Bigsby with 200 points and 4 round wins, Tucker Turner with 180 points, Austin Varner with 150 points, 5 round wins, and Tate Tucker with 150 points, 3 round wins
Jr Thunder: Logan Scrivner with 320 points, Lindsey Miller with 190 points, Emma Maurer with 180 points, Jayden Karr with 160 points, Kinzley Severance with 60 points, and Xzavier Heaton with 50 points.

Sunday’s race was the final race of the 2018 Season for the classes listed below. Listed are their top 3 point leaders.
Modern MuscleCar: Heather Jones with 360 points, Dalton Carter with 340 points, Dan Powell with 330 points.
Pickup: Earl Eberly with 330 points, Steve Nicholson with 300 points, Rick Sales Sr and Gabriel Halsey tied with 280 points (Sales Sr has 14 round wins, while Halsey has 10 round wins)
Hole in the Hood: Jay Phillips with 360 points, Bob Rea with 310 points, Rick Norrington with 280 points.
Diesel: Rick McAdams with 240 points, Dale Hagenauer with 220 points, Mike Grady with 170 points.
Volkswagen: Angelo Palamaris with 340 points, Bernd Arndt with 290 points, Steven Stampley with 240 points.
Sport Compact: Scott Parks with 240 points, Bud Kuhns and Chris Langford tied with 230 points and 7 round wins each.
Powderpuff: Stephanie Biscay with 320 points, Valerie Bronec with 240 points, Karen Loomis with 230 points.

As always, if you find any discrepancies in the points, please contact the Gwen at the office at 503-982-4461 or email race@woodburndragstrip.com

Following are the final round results in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in (dial), elapsed time (ET) and miles per hour (MPH).

Winner: Mark Pracht, Beaverton, OR, ’70 Skylark, -.010 R/T, 9.40 dial, 9.42 ET, 140.73 mph
Runner-up: Fred Nicholas, Canby, OR, ’67 Camaro, -.021 R/T, 9.78 dial, 9.750 ET, 136.96 mph
Semi’s: Bill/Tony McNeal, Milwaukie, OR, and Adam Nicholson, Molalla, OR

Winner: Matt Kielman, Vancouver, WA, ’70 Nova, .043 R/T, 10.34 dial, 10.351 ET, 126.17 mph
Runner-up: Darwin LaFord, Vancouver, WA, ’51 Anglia, .045 R/T, 10.05 dial, 10.065 ET, 130.77 mph
Semi’s: Daniel Helgeson, Auburn, WA, and Joe Sorensen, Woodburn, OR

Winner: Curtis Landis, Newberg, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .039 R/T, 10.43 dial, 10.412 ET, 124.82 mph
Runner-up: Lee Quiroz, Jefferson, OR, ’68 Mustang, -.021 R/T, 11.62 dial, 11.513 ET, 114.59 mph
Semi’s: Scott Parks, Salem, OR, and Jeff Marchi, Estacada, OR

Winner: Dan Powell, Vancouver, WA, ’11 Mustang, .000 R/T, 11.98 dial, 12.102 ET, 100.65 mph
Runner-up: Dalton Carter, Hillsboro, OR, ’17 Camaro, .152 R/T, 12.24 dial, 12.239 ET, 114.50 mph
Semi’s: Heather Jones, Scappoose, OR

Winner: Robert Mumford, Oregon City, OR, ’05 GTO, .101 R/T, 11.70 dial, 11.714 ET, 116.36 mph
Runner-up: Joe Ernst, Portland, OR, ’04 Mercedes, .050 R/T, 11.70 dial, 11.787 ET, 114.56 mph
Semi’s: Bret Stevens, Tualatin, OR

Winner: Mike Grady, Portland, OR, ’68 C-10, .010 R/T, 10.56 dial, 10.601 ET, 114.05 mph
Runner-up: Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR, ’88 S10, .100 R/T, 12.14 dial, 12.141 ET, 108.99 mph
Semi’s: Gabe Halsey, Albany, OR

Winner: Bob Rea, Aumsville, OR, ’72 Cuda, .047 R/T, 9.62 dial, 9.633 ET, 138.86 mph
Runner-up: Steve Sherman, Beavercreek, OR, ’88 S10, -.001 R/T, 10.15 dial, 15.875 ET, 62.91 mph
Semi’s: Jay Phillips, Aumsville, OR

Winner: Dale Hagenauer, Salem, OR, ’16 Ford, .075 R/T, 16.00 dial, 6.030 ET, 85.18 mph
Runner-up: Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR, ’11 Ram 2500, .152 R/T, 12.72 dial, 12.750 ET, 101.45 mph
Semi’s: Mike Powell, Hubbard, OR, and Mike Grady, Portland, OR

Winner: Angelo Palamaris, Albany, OR, ’01 Beetle, .215 R/T, 19.57 dial, 19.559 ET, 69.60 mph
Runner-up: Steven Stampley, Salem, OR, ’62 Bug, -.069 R/T, 16.00 dial, 16.353 ET, 71.23 mph
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, and Thomas Major, Dallas, OR

Winner: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg, OR, ’88 CRX, .038 R/T, 11.64 dial, 11.669 ET, 114.72 mph
Runner-up: Chris Langford, Roseburg, OR, ’88 CRX, .025 R/T, 12.05 dial, 12.038 ET, 103.90 mph
Semi’s: Jerry Biscay, Toledo, OR, and Chris Chandler, Sutherlin, OR

Winner: Valerie Bronec, Hubbard, OR, ’14 Volvo, .024 R/T, 14.60 dial, 14.730 ET, 93.31 mph
Runner-up: Stephanie Biscay, Toledo, WA, ’56 T-Bird, .087 R/T, 14.03 dial, 14.118 ET, 99.67 mph
Semi’s: Amy Cole, Scappoose, OR

Winner: Kurtis Stotts, Klamath Falls, OR, ’71 Nova, .095 R/T, 10.50 dial, 10.581 ET, 125.33 mph
Runner-up: Tony Pearce, Tualip, WA, ’70 Mustang, -.022 R/T, 10.34 dial, 10.359 ET, 127.37 mph
Semi’s: Bill Brown, Woodburn, OR, and Allan Lint, Vancouver, WA

Winner: Tucker Turner, Colton, OR, ’13 RC4K, .045 R/T, 8.34 dial, 8.280 ET, 79.90 mph
Runner-up: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’11 RC4K, .083 R/T, 8.16 dial, 8.061 ET, 79.56 mph
Semi’s: Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR

Winner: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .033 R/T, 9.15 dial, 9.184 ET, 68.88 mph
Runner-up: Jed Biscay, Toledo, WA, ’01 Coggin, .136 R/T, 12.45 dial, 12.363 ET, 50.97 mph
Semi’s: Emma Maurer, Molalla, OR, and Jayden Karr, Salem, OR

Winner: Emma Maurer, Molalla, OR, ’15 RC4K, -.001 R/T, 10.00 dial, 9.966 ET, 64.46 mph
Runner-up: Tate Turner, Colton, OR, RC4K, -.035 R/T, 8.00 dial, 7.997 ET, 81.33 mph
Semi’s: Ramon Vincent, Stayton, OR

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