Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Over 280 racers competed in the 1st day of the 33rd Annual Fall Classic!!

Saturday, September 22nd brought great fall weather, just in time for the 280 plus racers competing at the 1st day of the 33rd Annual Fall Classic!  Entertainment was at its best with racing from the NW BB/Funny Cars, Pro Nostalgia, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 8.5, Jet Cars, Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #8 (Top Gas, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Inline/Flathead, Stick Shift, Gasser), Run Tuff (Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman), World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #4 (Jr Lightning, Jr Thunder), Dragster/Roadster #9, NW Dragbike (Pro Mod, Quick 8 & ET Motorcycle), Harley #6,  Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association Super Comp/Super Street, Super Stock/Stock, and exhibitions by Justin Taylor in the Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty TAFC along with a couple of BB/FC license passes. 

Winning names today were: Danny Wargnier (Top Gas), Jarod Anderson (Hot Rod), Brian Horn (Street Machine), Jimmy Heriford (Street Rod, keeping the Heriford legacy alive as James Heriford II took the win last year), Ron McBee (Gasser – this is his 2nd year in a row), Dave Mueller (Inline/Flathead), Steve Cooper (Run Tuff), Don DePeel (ET Motorcycle – this is his 2nd year in a row), Bob Osborne (Harley Eliminator), James Boyce (Super Stock/Stock), Ryan Bese (Jr Lightning), and Logan Scrivner (Jr Thunder),

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, elapsed time, (dial-in), and miles per hour

Winner:  Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR, ’72 Vega, .016 R/T, 5.46 dial, 5.480 ET, 123.03 mph
Runner-up:  Mark Pracht, Beaverton, OR, ’70 Skylark, .162 R/T, 5.92 dial, 5.920 ET, 115.68 mph
Semi’s:  Kirby Olmsted, McMinnville, OR,  and Loy Petersen, Madras, OR

Winner:  Jarod Anderson, Springfield, OR, ’55 Bel Air, .014 R/T, 6.69 dial, 6.686 ET, 101.83 mph
Runner-up:  Chris Stone, Mission, BC, ’68 Dart, .112 R/T, 6.39 dial, 6.377 ET, 106.35 mph
Semi’s:  Alan Snyder, Cornelius, OR, and Alan Ross, Estacada, OR

Winner:  Brian Horn, Kent, WA, ’70 Dodge, .037 R/T, 6.40 dial, 6.635 ET, 93.60 mph
Runner-up:  Jessica Miller, Dundee, OR, ’71 Nova, .081 R/T, 6.50 dial, 6.902 ET, 104.08 mph
Semi’s:  Clyde Hughes, Nampa, ID, and Gregg Heriford, Vancouver, WA

Winner:   Jimmy Heriford, Battle Ground, WA, ’66 Fairlane, .027 R/T, 7.79 dial, 7.800 ET, 87.04 mph
Runner-up:  Barry Sheasgreen, Sherwood, OR, ‘6 El Camino, .047 R/T, 7.61 dial, 7.603 ET, 90.37 mph
Semi’s:  Steve Nicholson, Hillsboro, OR, and Lori Winberg, Lafayette, OR

Winner:  Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale, OR, ’62 Impala SS, .028 R/T, 7.40 dial, 7.443 ET, 88.33 mph
Runner-up:  John Eastburn, St Helens, OR, ’62 Bel Air, .329 R/T, 7.99 dial, 7.793 ET, 90.72 mph
Semi’s: Dick Arnold, Wahougal, WA

Winner:  Ron McBee, Portland, OR, ’55 Chevy, .205 R/T, 11.52 dial, 11.821 ET, 117.64 mph
Runner-up:  Casey Cotterman, Albany, OR, ’64 Nova, -.029 R/T, 10.00 dial, 10.425 ET, 101.46 mph
Semi’s:  Jim Wise, Lebanon, OR, and Jeff Enger, Newberg, OR

Winner:  Dave Mueller, Kelso, WA, ’36 Valiant, .032 R/T, 19.70 dial, 19.390 ET, 68.68 mph
Runner-up:  Ed Norgard, Lyons, OR, ’49 Chevy, -.334 R/T, 12.77 dial, 12.608 ET, 106.01 mph
Semi’s:  Dan Miner, Lebanon, OR

Winner:  Steve Cooper, Coos Bay, OR, ’03 Sarmento, .153 R/T, 7.50 dial, 7.613 ET, 178.39 mph
Runner-up:  Shannan Gaynor, Vancouver, WA, ’17 Camaro, .093 R/T, 11.39 dial, 11.305 ET, 122.74 mph
Semi’s:  Ken Reaves, North Bend, WA, and Angela Peterson, Eatonville, WA

Winner: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR, ’74 Kawasaki, .054 R/T, 5.27 dial, 5.284 ET, 130.47 mph
Runner-up:  Terry Holloway, Yakima, WA, ’03 Suzuki, .042 R/T, 5.84 dial, 5.830 ET, 119.71 mph
Semi’s:  Mark Canty, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Bob Osborne, Dallas, OR, ’98 Buell, .010 E/T, 10.73 dial, 13.380 ET, 62.47 mph
Runner-up:  Henry Robinson, Tualatin, OR, ’08 Harley, .170 R/T, 12.80 dial, 12.529 ET, 103.57 mph

Winner:  James Boyce, Duvall, WA, ’88 Mustang, .021 R/T, 11.53 dial, 11.536 ET, 112.75 mph
Runner-up:  Mike Parmenter, Aurora, OR, ’55 Bel Air, .035 R/T, 11.40 dial, 11.401 ET, 112.79 mph
Semi’s:  Dave Flett, Tillamook, OR

Winner:  Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR, 04 Eickmann, .049 R/T, 8.00 dial, 8.033 ET, 81.95 mph
Runner-up:  Audiauna Maine, Vancouver WA, ’06 Creative, -.078 R/T, 7.95 dial, 7.932 ET, 83.88 mph
Semi’s:  Ramon Vincent, Stayton, OR, and Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR

Winner:  Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .079 R/T, 9.15 dial, 9.253 ET, 62.16 mph
Runner-up:  Xzavier Heaton, Vancouver ,WA, Dragster, .225 R/T, 11.90 dial, 11.904 ET, 50.32 mph 
Semi’s:  Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR

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