Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

On Day Two of the 42nd Annual Napa Oldies But Goodies – LaFord wins back-to-back in Gasser & the Heriford Family Heritage continues!!

On Sunday, June 24th, Day Two of the 42nd Annual Napa Oldies But Goodies, 200+ racers competed in AA/Supercharged, Pro Nostalgia, Dragster/Roadsters #6 and our Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #4 (Top Gas, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Stick Shift, Gasser and Inline/Flathead), and World of Speed Jr Dragster Exhibition. The winners were: Scott White (AA/Supercharged) who won against Chuck Moore, who won in semi’s, broke and was unable to return for the finals. Kacee Pitts (Pro Nostalgia A), Marc Pruett (Pro Nostalgia B), Doug Gray (Dragster/Roadsters), Tony Schroeder (Top Gas), David Hanson (Hot Rod), Steve Stuart (Street Machine), James Heriford II (Street Rod), continuing the ‘Heriford Family Heritage’ as his father and grandfather both took wins on Sunday, Jamie Roth (Stick Shift), Darwin LaFord (had back to back wins in Gasser), Doug Powers (Inline/Flathead), and Austin Varner (World of Speed Jr Dragster Exhibition).

The Danny Kilcup Memorial Award has been presented every year since 1994 at the Oldies But Goodies and is awarded to those that best represent “For the Preservation of Oldies but Goodies Style Drag Racing”. This year’s award was presented to the World of Speed Motorsports, not only for the “Preservation of Oldies but Goodies Style Drag Racing”, but also for the “Preservation of All Forms of Racing!”

This year we also started the ‘Best Appearing Car’ Award, which will become an annual award at this event. The 2018 Best Appearing Car Award was given to Kenny Welch for his car ‘Unruly One’.

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in (when applicable), elapsed time (ET), and miles per hour.

Winner: Scott White, Seaside, OR, ’41 Willy’s, .150 R/T, 6.499 ET, 215.56 mph
R/U: Chuck Moore, Castro Valley, CA, ’65 Corvette – Broke
Semi’s: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA, and Greg McCollum, Gearhart, OR

Winner: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon, CA, ’01 Jerry Hill, .090 R/T, 7.03 dial, 7.151 ET, 176.36 mph
R/U: Jay Kinnee, Turner, OR, ’06 Eickmann FED, .160 R/T, 7.11 dial, 7.084 ET, 195.48 mph
Semi’s: Paul New, Boring, OR, and Ray Hadford, Everett, WA

Winner: Marc Pruett, Vancouver, WA, ’23 T, .045 R/T, 7.84 dial, 7.862 ET, 170.16 mph
R/U: Chris Parten, Salem, OR, ’69 Dragster, .038 R/T, 7.85 dial, 7.890 ET, 167.94 mph
Semi’s: Pete Farell, West Linn, OR, and Mark Sundstrom, Aberdeen, WA

Winner: Doug Gray, Powell Butte, OR, ’40 Willys, .005 R/T, 8.92 dial, 8.930 ET, 151.79 mph
R/U: Molly Pruett, La Center WA, ’48 Fiat, .032 R/T, 8.57 dial, 8.632 ET, 148.51 mph
Semi’s: Kelly Pruett, Eugene, OR, and Steve Canton, Boring, OR

Winner: Tony Schroeder, Boring, OR, ’62 Bel Air, .018 R/T, 9.34 dial, 9.323 ET, 143.93 mph
R/U: Al Salchenberg, Salem, OR, ’69 Camaro, -.927 R/T, 8.04 dial, 8.072 ET, 168.91 mph
Semi’s: Don Budd, The Dalles, OR

Winner: David Hanson, Seattle, WA, ’61 Tempest, .088 R/T, 9.75 dial, 9.803 ET, 137.17 mph
R/U: Tim McDaniel, Lebanon, OR, ’57 Studebaker, .008 R/T, 11.11 dial, 11.099 ET, 116.35 mph
Semi’s: Steve Williams, Grande Ronde, OR

Winner: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR, ’66 Chevelle, .017 R/T, 9.15 dial, 9.631 ET, 105.16 mph
R/U: Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, ’71 Nova, .032 R/T, Broke
Semi’s: David Bronec, Hubbard, OR

Winner: James Heriford II, Battle Ground, WA, .129 R/T, 12.44 dial, 12.441 ET, 109.38 mph
R/U: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA, ’70 Torino, .039 R/T, 12.34 dial, 12.432 ET, 94.8 mph
Semi’s: Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, OR, and Dawn Dietrich, Battle Ground, WA

Winner: Jamie Roth, Langley, BC, ’64 Comet, .070 R/T, 10.14 dial, 10.224 ET, 124.05 mph
R/U: John Selman, Pendleton, OR, ’57 Chevy, .062 R/T, 11.55 dial, 11.662 ET, 114.21 mph
Semi’s: Dick Arnold, Washougal, WA

Winner: Darwin LaFord, Vancouver, WA, ’51 Anglia, .097 R/T, 9.95 dial, 9.931 ET, 134.79 mph
R/U: Ron McBee, Portland, OR, ’55 Chevy, .140 R/T, 11.52 dial, 11.924 ET, 117.35 mph
Semi’s: Don Sartwell, Sandy, OR

Winner: Doug Powers, Portland, OR, ’64 Valiant, .185 R/T, 12.99 dial, 12.881 ET, 102.13 mph
R/U: Scott Cummins, Lacey, WA, ’41 Chevy PU, -.034 R/T, 10.90 dial, 16.141 ET, 62.00 mph
Semi’s: Jeff Nelson, Allyn, WA

Winner: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, RC4K dragster, .065 R/T, 7.96 dial, 7.968 ET, 79.80 mph
R/U: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .017 R/T, 9.02 dial, 9.013 ET, 71.37 mph
Semi’s: Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR, and Katie Chapman, Sandy, OR

***And… Don’t forget that on August 11th – 12th, we’ll do it all over again for the last big Nostalgia event of the 2018 Season with the 30th Annual GK Machine Inc. Hot Rod Nationals!

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