Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

October 1st, Fall ET and Jr Drag Racing Series #4, Vision Diesel, NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact, and Modern MuscleCars was Completed!

Sunday, October 1st, after a slight weather delay, we completed the Fall ET Racing Series #4 (Electronic, Transbrake, Footbrake), World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #4, Vision Diesel #6, NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact #6, Modern MuscleCar #6, Run Tuff, Jr Tuff, and Test & Tune.

Highlights/Results: In Electronics, it was Steve Kelly who took the win over Casey DePeel (who currently holds 1st place). David Bronec (who currently holds 1st place), in Transbrake, took the win over Mike Hansen (who is in 3rd place, 10 points behind Tony Price who is in 2nd place). In Footbrake, Eric Dunks took the win over Lee Ennis, and Dunks now sits in 2nd place, which is only 10 points behind Curt Landis (1st place). In the last Modern MuscleCar race of the season, it was a fight for not only the win, but the 2017 Championship, and it was Jerry Durant Sr who took the win and title over Dan Powell, when Powell turned on the dreaded red light. In NAPA Auto Parts Sport Compact, it was another fight to the finish for the win and the 2017 Championship with both racers tied with 230 points and 9 round wins. It was Bud Kuhns who took the win and Championship when he defeated Bernd Arndt. Rick McAdams (Vision Diesel), took 1st in today’s race (winning 5 of the 6 in the series) against newcomer Robert Shepler, and earned the title of 2017 Vision Diesel Champion. In Run Tuff, it was Stephen Weaver who took the win over Donny Richards. With one race to go in the series, it was Conner Rice who took the win over Dylan Hough, and Rice is now in 1st place. Both racers have 230 pts and 9 round wins and have their last race scheduled for Sunday, October 8th. Jr Thunder had Logan Scrivner and Kiera Rice in the finals, and it was Scrivner who took the win and put him in 1st place with one race left in the series. In Jr Run Tuff, it was Ryan Dick and Ryan Bese going for the win, and it was Dick who took the win when Bese turned on the dreaded red light.

Below are the final round results (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour):

Winner: Steve Kelly, Camas, WA, ’67 Camaro, .035 R/T, 6.31 dial, 6.302 ET, 107.16 mph
Runner-Up: Casey DePeel, Portland, OR, ’06 Mullis, .010 R/T, 4.60 dial, 4.582 ET, 151.46 mph
Semi: Mark Pracht, Beaverton, OR

Winner: David Bronec, Hubbard, OR, ’72 Nova, .034 R/T, 6.21 dial, 6.235 ET, 104.99 mph
Runner-Up: Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, ’67 Camaro, .060 R/T, 6.39 dial, 6.400 ET, 105.91 mph
Semi: Steve Canton, Boring, OR

Winner: Eric Dunks, Springfield, OR, ’00 Firebird, .035 R/T, 7.79 dial, 7.778 ET, 87.42 mph
Runner-Up: Lee Ennis, Portland, OR, ’63 Nova, .040 R/T, 7.52 dial, 7.492 ET, 88.77 mph
Semi: Dale Kraxberger, Woodburn, OR

Winner: Jerry Durant Sr, Molalla, OR, ’08 Mustang, .070 R/T, 8.48 dial, 8.497 ET, 82.04 mph
Runner-Up: Dan Powell, Vancouver WA, ’11 Mustang, -.017 R/T, 7.62 dial, 7.607 ET, 90.25 mph
Semi: Heather Jones, Scappoose, OR, and Dalton Carter, Hillsboro, OR

Winner: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg, OR, ’88 CRX, .160 R/T, 7.30 dial, 7.346 ET, 93.44 mph
Runner-Up: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, ’93 Corrado, -.064 R/T, 8.00 dial, 7.749 ET, 91.37 mph

Winner: Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR, ’11 Dodge, .373 R/T, 8.17 dial, 8.150 ET, 85.10 mph
Runner-Up: Robert Shepler, Creswell, OR, ’02 2500HD, -.068 R/T, 9.55 dial, 9.772 ET, 78.00 mph

Winner: Stephen Weaver, Elk, WA,
Runner-Up: Donny Richards, Portland, OR, ’66 Nova, -.001 R/T, 6.91 dial, 6.932 ET, 99.37 mph
Semi: Doug Nelson, Battle Ground, WA

Winner: Conner Rice, Milwaukie, OR, ’11 RC4K, .099 R/T, 7.91 dial, 7.943 ET, 80.51 mph
Runner-Up: Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR, ’14 Mike Boss, -.002 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.932 ET, 80.09 mph
Semi: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek, OR, and Katie Day, Estacada, OR

Winner: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .069 R/T, 8.93 dial, 9.084 ET, 68.02 mph
Runner-Up: Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR, RC4K, .157 R/T, 12.12 dial, 12.098 ET, 52.36 mph
Semi: Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, and Lindsey Miller, Yakima, MA

Winner: Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, ’06 Halfscale, .013 R/T, 9.02 dial, 9.060 ET, 73.30 mph
Runner-Up: Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR, ’04 Eickmann, -.032 R/T, 10.50 dial, 10.555 ET, 59.04 mph
Semi: Tucker Turner, Pomona, CA

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