Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon


Hot Summer Days greeted the 41st Annual NAPA Auto Parts Oldies But Goodies with over 190 racers competing in AA/Supercharged, Top Eliminator, Pro Nostalgia, Dragster/Roadsters and our Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #3 (Top Gas, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Inline/Flathead, Stick Shift, and Gassers).  It most definitely made for an exciting weekend for all!   Winners were claimed in the names of: Scott White (AA/Supercharged), Bob Rude (Nostalgia Eliminator), Steve Faller (Pro Nostalgia), Jeff Lewis (Dragster/Roadsters), Devon Hilton (Top Gas), Dan Stokes (Hot Rod), John Rheinberger (Street Machine), Barry Sheasgreen (Street Rod), Ron Parks (Inline/Flathead), Bill Burnham (Stick Shift), and Ron McBee (Gassers).   Don’t forget that on August 12-13th, we’ll do it all over again for the last big Nostalgia event of the 2017 Season with the GK Machine Inc. Hot Rod Nationals! 

The 2017 Danny Kilcup Memorial Award was awarded to the Pruett Family: Dave (father), Marc (oldest son), Nick (son), Molly (daughter), and Kirk (youngest son).  The award is for the preservation of Oldies but Goodies style Drag Racing.  Dave drove the ’41 Willys Motor Mouse in the 60’s and 70’s in C/Gas.  Dave was a member of the Northwest Timing Association who originally started the track back in the late 50’s with the Multnomah Hot Rod Council from Portland.  Marc, drove a ‘55 Chevy Wagon in Hot Rod (which his father bought for him while he was in high school), and now drives a ’23 T Altered in Pro Nostalgia.  Nick previously drove a rear engine dragster in Super Pro.  Kirk and his wife Kelli have the old Hangin’ High Car that is driven by Kelli.  Their son, Cordell, is driving Uncle Marc’s ’55 Chevy Wagon in the Hot Rod Class. 

With 11 cars in attendance, the AA/Supercharged final round found Scott White, who had earlier defeated Mike Molea and Kevin Bean, set to run against Howard Anderson, who earned wins against Joel Matton and Jim Godec.  White took the win when Anderson turned on the dreaded red light by -.104.  White also finished the event as the #1 Qualifier and Low ET.  

With 18 competitors in the Pro Nostalgia category, the final brought fans to their feet as Steve and Aaron Faller were set to go flying down the quarter mile in side-by-side runs. To get to the finals Steve defeated Ralph Fox and Dewayne Sanders while Aaron defeated Paul New and Pete Farrell.  In the finals, Steve had a .026 reaction time but Aaron turned on that dreaded red light by .060, which gave the win to Steve.   #1 Qualifier was Todd Ellingson.

The Nostalgia Eliminator final round opponents were Bob Rude and Marc Pruett.  Earlier, Rude defeated Nick Pruett and Steve Marcus, while Pruett defeated Chris Parten and earned a single in the 2nd round.  Rude took the win when Pruett broke. 

Dragster/Roadster competition featured 16 racers and the final round was between Jeff Lewis and David Cookman.  To get to the finals, Lewis had singles in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and then eliminated James Lee, to meet up with Cookman, who had eliminated Scott Utter, Ted Hainline and Mike Thomas. In the finals, Lewis had a .021 reaction time to Cookman’s .102 reaction time.  Both racers had dialed in at 9.35 and it was a race to the finish.  Lewis took the win with an ET of 9.481 at 135.11 mph over Cookman’s 9.511 ET at 140.95 mph.  #1 Qualifier was Mike Thomas.

The Top Gas category featured Devon Hilton and Fred Nicholas in the finals out of a tough field of 21 racers.  Hilton driving a 68 Camaro, made it there by defeating Austin Heilman, Doug Heilman, a single earned in 3rd round, and Kevin Youngs.  Nicholas in a 72 Nova, had a 1st round single, then went on to defeat Bob Drummond, Don Budd, and earned a single in the 4th round.  Hilton had a reaction time of .036 and ran 9.915 on a 9.90 dial at 155.14mph to claim the win over Nicholas’ reaction time of .077, and an 11.744 on an 11.73 dial at 111.08mph.  #1 Qualifier was Wally Cronin with a perfect light of .000.  

With 24 racers competing in Hot Rod, the final round was between Dan Stokes and Clint Wagner.  Stokes defeated Norm Davis, Richard Dietrich, and Richard Beyea and advanced into the semis for a single, while Wagner defeated Eric Reich, Tim McDaniel, Brett Davis, and Jared Chilson.  In the finals, Stokes won with a 12.497 on his 12.46 dial at 105.83 mph to Wagner’s 10.777 on his 10.75 dial at 121.29 mph. Dan Goates was the #1 qualifier.

The final round in Street Machine, after battling through a 29 car field, was between John Rheinberger (who took 2nd last year) and Dean Tabert.  Rheinberger defeated Jerry Cooksey, Phil Lang, Brian Horn, and Duke Olmsted before meeting Tabert in the final.  Tabert defeated Gary Wood, Steve Williams, Gregg Heriford, and Steve Stuart.  In the final round, it was over before it started when Tabert turned on the dreaded red light at -.012 and Rheinberger secured the victory.  Jeff Sievers was the #1 qualifier. 

Street Rod with racer count of 41 and 6 rounds of exciting racing took us into the finals with Barry Sheasgreen and Walt Pearce.  To get to the final round, Sheasgreen defeated Richard Hoefler, Travis Smith, Raymond Hamness, Jimmy Heriford and James Heriford II.  Pearce had a 1st round single and then went on to defeat Pat Ryan, Randy Doan Jr, Dean Holder and James Heriford II.  In the final round Sheasgreen had a .035 reaction time over Pearce’s .154 and didn’t look back.  Sheasgreen took the win running a 13.059 ET on his 12.96 dial at 95.49 mph, to Pearce’s 13.729 ET on his 13.70 dial at 95.73 mph.  Steven Ennis was the #1 Qualifier.

With a field of 14 racers in the Inline/Flathead category, the final round opponents were Ron Parks and Jeff Nelson. Parks eliminated Matt Ponzoha, Richard Bjerklund, and Walt Skoczylas while Nelson had a 1st round single, then defeated Dave Combs and Michael Bjerklund to meet in the finals.  In the final round, both drivers broke out on their dial.  Parks ran 19.529 on his 19.59 dial, and Nelson ran 13.461 on his 13.63 dial and Parks secured the win.  The #1 Qualifier was CJ Stoakes.

Stick Shift finals were between Bill Burnham and Paul Carbaugh.  To get there, Burnham had a 1st round single and then defeated Dick Arnold, while Carbaugh defeated Mark Allan Dolan and JP Kurilovchan.  In the final round, it was Carbaugh who turned on the dreaded red light by -.007, and Burnham secured the win. The #1 Qualifier was JP Kurilovchan.

In the Gasser category, it was Ron McBee and Jeff Enger who made it to the finals.  To get there, McBee defeated Ken Florey while Enger defeated David Owes.  In the final round, McBee won with an 11.559 on his 11.52 dial, while Enger ran a 12.220 on his 12.15 dial.

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in (when applicable), elapsed time (ET), and miles per hour.

Winner:  Scott White, Seaside, OR, ’41 Willys, .121 R/T, 6.522 ET, 212.16 mph
R/U: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA, ’38 Chevy, -.104 R/T, 7.085 ET, 196.89 mph
Semi’s: Kevin Bean, Lake Tapps, WA & Jim Godec, Grants Pass, OR

Winner:  Steve Faller, Lake Havasu City, AZ, ’32 Bantam, .026 R/T, 6.92 dial, 7.231 ET, 159.06 mph
R/U: Aaron Faller, Marysville, WA, ’00 Dragster, -.060 R/T, 7.21 dial, 7.625 ET, 160.37 mph
Semi’s:  Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR, & Pete Farrell, West Linn, OR

Winner: Bob Rude, Lynden, WA, ’63 FED, .069 R/T, 7.95 dial, 7.978 ET, 168.16 mph
R/U: Marc Pruett, Vancouver, WA, ’23 T, Broke
Semi’s: Steve Marcus, Molalla, OR

Winner:  Jeff Lewis, Keizer, OR, ’23 Roadster, .021 R/T, 9.35 dial, 9.481 ET, 135.11 mph
R/U:  David Cookman, Cornelius, OR, ’23 T Altered, .102 R/T, 9.35 dial, 9.511 ET, 140.95 mph
Semi’s: James Lee, Milwaukie, OR, & Mike Thomas, Molalla, OR

Winner:  Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA, ’68 Camaro, .036 R/T, 9.90 dial, 9.915 ET, 155.14 mph
R/U: Fred Nicholas, Canby, OR, ’72 Nova, .077 R/T, 11.73 dial, 11.744 ET, 111.08 mph
Semi’s:  Kevin Youngs, Kent, WA

Winner: Dan Stokes, Albany, OR, ’65 Plymouth, .043 R/T, 12.46 dial, 12.497 ET, 105.83 mph
R/U: Clint Wagner, Bend, OR, ’55 Chevy, .062 R/T, 10.75 dial, 10.777 ET, 121.29 mph
Semi’s: Jared Chilson, Sandy, OR

Winner:  John Rheinberger, Shoreline, WA, ’71 Chevelle, .066 R/T, 10.66 dial, 10.592 ET, 124.63 mph
R/U:  Dean Tabert, Tigard, OR, ’69 Nova, -.012 R/T, 9.19 dial, 9.236 ET, 146.00 mph
Semi’s:  Duke Olmsted, Hermiston, WA, & Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR

Winner:  Barry Sheasgreen, Sherwood, OR, ’87 Monte Carlo, .035 R/T, 12.96 dial, 13.059 ET, 95.49 mph
R/U:  Walt Pearce, Twisp, WA, ’32 Chevy, .154 R/T, 13.70 dial, 13.729 ET, 95.73 mph
Semi’s: James Heriford II, Battle Ground, WA

Winner: Ron Parks, Salem, OR, ’65 Dodge, .086 R/T, 19.59 dial, 19.529 ET, 67.52 mph
R/U:  Jeff Nelson, Allyn, WA, ’64 Chevy II, .045 R/T, 13.63 dial, 13.461 ET, 96.53 mph
Semi’s: Walt Skocyzlas, Aloha, OR, & Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon, OR

Winner:  Bill Burnham, Battle Ground, WA, ’79 Mazda, .058 R/T, 12.91 dial, 13.012 ET, 103.17 mph
R/U: Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale, OR, ’62 Impala SS, -.007 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.349 ET, 111.27 mph
Semi’s: Dick Arnold, Washougal, WA, & JP Kurilovchan, Aloha, OR

Winner:  Ron McBee, Portland, OR, ’55 Chevy, .049 R/T, 11.52 dial, 11.559 ET, 118.21 mph
R/U: Jeff Enger, Newberg, OR, ’32 Victoria, .078 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.220 ET, 111.57 mph
Semi’s: Ken Florey, Madras, OR, & David Owes, Molalla, OR

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