Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Nero, Taylor, Sheasgreen, Phillips, Masterman, Dundas, Flett, Varner, Bese, Gray, Wirostek and Severance all took wins!

On Sunday, July 8th, with warmer weather and under blue summer skies, we completed the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #12(LOL), Volkswagen #4, Super Shifter #4, Hole in the Hood #4, Wilson’s NAPA High School #4, Jr Street #4, and World of Speed Jr Racing #9(LOL). 

With 3 races remaining in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, the top 5 points leaders in Super Pro are: Ken Sweo with 470 points, John Chitwood with 460 points, Mark Dawson with 420 points, Kurt Gross and Dan/Vicki Shepherd tied with 400 points.  In Pro: Steve Kelly with 560 points, Mike Hansen with 500 points, David Bronec with 470 points, Jeff Taylor with 440 points, and Jerry Biscay with 430 points.  In Sportsman: Tony Bombara with 510 points, Derrick Jackson with 470 points, Earl Eberly and Robert Glafka tied with 440 points, and Tracy Herinckx with 430 points.

With 3 races remaining in the following classes, the points standings are: in Volkswagen: Angelo Palamaris & Berndt Arndt are tied with 180 points, followed by Doug Cooley with 150 points, Steve Stampley with 140 point and Don Fritsche with 110 points.  In Hole in the Hood: Jay Phillips with 200 points, Rick Norrington with 160 points, Bob Rea with 140 points, Eldon Isaacson with 100 points, and Bill Brown, Herschel Gates & Steve Sherman tied with 90 points. In Super Shifter: Mark Boehi with 220 points, John Masterman with 190 points, Berndt Arndt with 180 points, and Bruce Poppino & Steve Caruth are tied with 130 points.

With 2 races remaining in the following classes, the points standings are: in High School: Randy Dundas has 150 points, Austin Varner with 130 points, Kirsten Dixon with 100 points and Anthony Friesen & Josh McMyne tied with 80 points.  In Jr Street:  Ella Flett has dominated by winning 3 races in a row with a total of 230 points, Cierra Blades with 130 points, Nicholas Karr with 120 points, Emmerson Arndt with 110 points, Dylan Hough & Gabriel Gierok tied with 90 points. 

With 3 races remaining in the World of Speed Jr Racing Series: in Jr Lightning: Austin Varner with 470 points, Nicholas Karr with 310 points, Ava Glenn with 290 points, Ramon Vincent & Conner Rice tied with 270 points.  In Jr Thunder: Logan Scrivner with 360 points, Jayden Bigsby with 340 points, Ryan Dick & Ryan Bese tied with 310 pints, and Duncan Gray with 210 points.  In Jr Storm:  Kiera Rice with 360 points, Maguire Gray & Kody Bigsby with 320 points, Katie Chapman with 280 points, and Jed Biscay with 260 points.

Super Pro: Kurt gross, ’07 TNT, .005 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Pro:  Ashley Thompson, ’79 Malibu, .007 Package – Lucas Oil Products
Sportsman:  John Floyd Jr, ’72 Nova, .027 Package – Abby’s Pizza

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), dial-in (dial), elapsed time (ET) and miles per hour (MPH).

Winner:  Paul Nero, Eugene, OR, ’14 Undercover, .017 R/T, 7.06 dial, 7.098 ET, 187.34 mph
Runner-up:  Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR, ’08 GTO, .004 R/T, 8.58 dial, 8.573 ET, 158.06 mph
Semi’s:  Mark Pracht, Beaverton, OR

Winner:  Jeff Taylor, Forest Grove, OR, ’99 Dakota, .098 R/T, 9.06 dial, 9.080 ET, 147.34 mph
Runner-up: Todd Turner, Castle Rock, WA, ’67 Chevelle, .040 R/T, 9.86 dial, 9.944 ET, 127.84 mph
Semi’s:  Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR

Winner:  Barry Sheasgreen, Sherwood, OR, ’65 El Camino, .006 R/T, 12.05 dial, 12.063 ET, 110.10 mph
Runner-up:  Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR, ’88 Chevy S10, .000 R/T, 12.10 dial, 12.126 ET, 106.50 mph
Semi’s:  Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA, and John Floyd Jr, Gresham, OR

Winner:  Jay Philips, Aumsville, OR, ’74 Duster, .061 R/T, 10.00 dial, 10.105 ET, 131.63 mph
Runner-up:  Kasey Jones, Vancouver, WA, ’93 Mustang, .000 R/T, 10.58 dial, 10.522 ET, 124.80 mph
Semi’s:  Bob Rea, Aumsville, OR, and Rick Norrington, Oregon City, OR

Winner:  John Masterman, Milwaukie, OR, ’79 Camaro, .117 R/T, 19.23 dial, 19.044 ET, 72.50 mph
Runner-up: Mark Boehi, Brush Prairie, WA, ’78 Camaro, Broke
Semi’s:  Steve Caruth, Keizer, OR, and Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR

Winner:  Doug Colley, West Linn, OR, ’63 Bug, .163 R/T, 11.11 dial, 11.147 ET, 117.46 mph
Runner-up:  Steve Stampley, Salem, OR, ’63 VW, -.043 R/T, 16.00 dial, 16.190 ET, 80.80 mph
Semi’s:  Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, and Angelo Palamaris, Albany, OR

Winner:  Ron Wirostek, Brush Prairie, WA, ’23 Ford, .023 R/T, 9.90 dial, 9.949 ET, 117.08 mph
Runner-up:  Karen Kalsch, Hillsboro, OR, ’12 Challenger, .183 R/T, 13.40 dial, 13.485 ET, 101.72 mph
Semi’s:  Tyler Goss, Eugene, OR

Winner:  Randy Dundas, Astoria, OR, ’71 Nova, .039 R/T, 11.71 dial, 11.790 ET, 110.72 mph
Runner-up:  Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin, OR, ’78 Chevy, .069 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.229 ET, 105.09 mph
Semi’s:  Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, and Kirsten Dixon, Albany, OR

Winner:  Ella Flett, Tillamook, OR, ’95 Mustang, .088 R/T, 9.24 dial, 9.275 ET, 75.22 mph
Runner-up:  Cierra Blades, Graham, WA, ’01 Dakota, .101 R/T, 11.70 dial, 11.820 ET, 59.70 mph
Semi’s:  Aden Schroeder, Sandy, OR

Winner:  Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’11 RC4K, .059 R/T, 7.96 dial, 7.985 ET, 79.01 mph
Runner-up:  Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, ’10 Halfscale, .100 R/T, 7.97 dial, 7.995 ET, 81.41 mph
Semi’s:  Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR, ’04 Dragster, .070 R/T, 9.02 dial, 9.067 ET, 71.37 mph
Runner-up:  Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .013 R/T, 9.00 dial, 9.128 ET, 70.07 mph
Semi’s:  Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR

Winner:  Maguire Gray, Portland, OR, RC4K, .092 R/T, 12.04 dial, 12.119 ET, 51.49 mph
Runner-up:  Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR, RC4K, .023 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.138 ET, 52.41 mph
Semi’s:  Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR

Winner:  Kinzley Severance, Woodburn, OR, .025 R/T, 13.53 dial, 13.700 ET, 47.49 mph
Runner-up:  Tate Turner, Colton, OR, ’14 RC4K, .052 R/T, 7.96 dial, 8.146 ET, 79.07 mph
Semi’s:  Duncan Gray, Portland, OR, and Amelia Hentges, Olympia, WA

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