Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Moilanen makes the long tow from across the street to win Street Machine!!

On Saturday, July 7th, under warmer sunny summer skies, we completed the fifth race in the series for the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series (Top Gas, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Gasser, Stick Shift, and Inline/Flathead for cars that are 1985 & older), along with Vision Diesel #4, Pickup Series #4, Powderpuff #4, and Test & Tune.  The World of Speed Jr Dragster #8 and Summit Racing Equipment Jr Dragster Challenge (for the Wally) results will follow in an additional story.

Winning names today were:  Dennis Weddle (Top Gas), Alan Ross (Hot Rod), Bryce Moilanen (Street Machine), Bart Sowa (Street Rod), Darwin LaFord (Gasser), Paul Carbaugh (Stick Shift), Michael Bjerklund (Inline/Flathead), Dale Hagenauer (Diesel), Tim McDaniel (Pickup), Robert Glafka (Run Tuff), Stephanie Biscay (PowderPuff).

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time (R/T), Dial-in (dial), Elapsed time (ET), and miles per hour (MPH)

Winner:  Dennis Weddle, Keizer, OR, ’67 Nova, .019 R/T, 9.03 dial, 9.021 ET, 145.27 mph
R/U:  Mark Tabert, Sherwood, OR, ’67 Nova, .026 R/T, 9.34 dial, 9.331 ET, 143.12 mph
Semi’s:  Ken Sweo, Oregon City, OR, and Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, OR

Winner:  Alan Ross, Estacada, OR, ’65 Mustang, .023 R/T, 10.39 dial, 10.422 ET, 127.49 mph
R/U:  Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR, ’65 GMC, .030 R/T, 10.22 dial, 10.249 ET, 125.82 mph
Semi’s:  Jarod Anderson, Springfield, OR, and Fred Hostler, Toledo, OR

Winner:  Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn, OR, ’71 Vega, .000 R/T, 9.77 dial, 9.792 ET, 133.68 mph
R/U:  David Bronec, Hubbard, OR, ’72 Nova, .036 R/T, 9.83 dial, 9.842 ET, 134.93 mph
Semi’s:  Greg Gifford, Camas, WA, and John Rheinberger, Shoreline, WA

Winner:  Bart Sowa, Portland, OR, ’72 C10, .135 R/T, 13.69 dial, 13.875 ET, 95.80 mph
R/U:  Shawn Harwood, ’66 Chevy, -.009 R/T, 12.91dial, 14.641 ET, 69.62 mph
Semi’s:  James Heriford II, Battle Ground, WA

Winner:  Darwin LaFord, Vancouver, WA, ’51 Anglia, .065 R/T, 9.82 dial, 10.599 ET, 103.32 mph
R/U:  Jim Wise, Lebanon, OR, ’40 Ford, .135 R/T, 10.97 dial, 11.784 ET, 119.28 mph
Semi’s:  Steve Canton, Boring, OR

Winner:  Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale, OR, ’62 Impala SS, .055 R/T, 11.63 dial, 11.640 ET, 112.90 mph
R/U:  Mark Boehi, Portland, OR, ’78 Camaro, .126 R/T, 10.62 dial, 10.633 ET, 133.55 mph
Semi’s:  Jim Patrice, Tigard, OR, and JP Kurilovchan, Aloha, OR

Winner:  Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon, OR, ’68 Dart, .159 R/T, 16.10 dial, 16.164 ET, 85.31 mph
R/U:  Jerry Stauffer, Albany, OR, ’51 Dragster, .283 R/T, 11.35 dial, 11.277 ET, 120.40 mph
Semi’s:  Dave Mueller, Kelso, WA

Winner:  Dale Hagenauer, Salem, OR, ’89 Mustang, -.051 R/T, 15.85 dial, 2.663 ET, 52.06 mph
R/U:  Luciano Rivas, Vernonia, OR, -.178 R/t, 16.19 dial, 18.432 ET, 54.38 mph
Semi’s:  Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR

Winner:  Tim McDaniels, Lebanon, OR, ’57 Studebaker, .057 R/T, 10.94 dial, 11.025 ET, 119.26 mph
R/U:  Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR, ’88 S10, .046 R/T, 12.13 dial, 12.077 ET, 106.97 mph
Semi’s:  Jeff Dempsey, Springfield, OR, and Dean Duke, Veneta, OR

Winner:  Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA, ’70 Torino, .025 R/T, 12.19 dial, 12.222 ET, 106.44 mph
R/U:  Jeff Barnes, Tenino, WA, ’55 BelAir, .035 R/T, 8.27 dial, 8.324 ET, 162.45 mph
Semi’s:  Gregg Heriford, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Stephanie Biscay, Toledo, WA, ’56 Thunderbird, .048 R/T, 13.41 dial, 13.465 ET, 99.73 mph
R/U:  Valerie Bronec, Hubbard, OR, ’14 Volvo, .002 R/T, 14.92 dial, 15.043 ET, 91.64 mph
Semi’s:  Amy Cole, Scappose, OR

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