Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

The First Day of the 32nd Annual Fall Classic was Completed under Sunny NW Skies!!

Saturday, September 23rd, with over 250 racers competing under our beautiful NW Fall skies, the first day of the 32nd Annual Fall Classic was completed. Competing were the NW BB/Funny Cars, Pro Nostalgia, HardCore 365 Outlaw 10.5, Jet Dragster, Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #5 (Top Gas, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Street Rod, Inline/Flathead, Stick Shift, Gasser), World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #3 (Jr Lightning, Jr Thunder), Dragster/Roadster #7, NW Dragbike (Pro Mod, Quick 8 & ET), Harley #6, and Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association (Super Comp/Super Street), and exhibition by Justin Taylor in the Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty TAFC, Kim Parker in her TAD, and Rich Bailey in his Blown Alcohol Dragster.

One of the surprise highlights of today’s race was the lane switch during the NW BB/FC fan favorite long burnouts. It was Ron ‘Tikiman” Huegli and Greg ‘Zeus’ Howland, who after they completed their long burnouts, switched lanes at the 1,000 ft. mark, backed-up, staged and raced. Also, Don DePeel won ET Motorcycle for the 2nd year in a row! Top Gas was unable to complete their event on Saturday afternoon, but we completed it on Sunday (results are listed below).

Winning names today were: Earl Griffith (Top Gas), Rick Sales Sr (Hot Rod), Curt Landis (Street Machine), James Heriford II (Street Rod), Ron McBee (Gasser), Dick Arnold (Stick Shift), Walt Skoczylas (Inline/Flathead), Don DePeel (ET Motorcycle), Henry Robinson (Harley Eliminator), Dale Green(Super Comp), Allen Macham (Super Street), Conner Rice (Jr Lightning), Nicholas Karr (Jr Thunder), Rilynn Saucy (Jr Tuff)

Following are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, elapsed time, (dial-in), and miles per hour

Winner: Earl Griffith, Mulino, OR, Chevy Nova, .032 R/T, 10.37 dial, 10.410 ET, 129.60 mph
R/U: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR, ’67 Chevelle, .047 R/T, 8.51 dial, 8.542 ET, 159.80 mph
Semi’s: Mike Miller, Portland, OR, and Gary Palmateer, Monmouth, OR

Winner: Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR, ’65 GMC, .005 R/T, 10.13 dial, 10.229 ET, 115.74 mph
R/U: Christopher Galer, ’64 Falcon, .118 R/T, 12.07 dial, 12.239 ET, 108.27 mph
Semi’s: Tony Price, Tualatin, OR, and Todd Wirostek, Brush Prairie, WA

Winner: Curt Landis, Newberg, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .049 R/T, 10.33 dial, 10.392 ET, 127.24 mph
R/U: Thomas Jackson III, Carlton, OR, ’70 El Camino, -.008 R/T, 11.80 dial, 11.774 ET, 111.73 mph
Semi’s: David Bronec, Hubbard, OR, and Chris Stone, Mission, BC

Winner: James Heriford II, Battle Ground, WA, ’64 Galaxie, .076 R/T, 12.17 dial, 12.250 ET, 106.99 mph
R/U: Brandon Robinson, Salem, OR, ’73 Duster, .122 R/T, 12.26 dial, 12.303 ET, 106.93 mph
Semi’s: John Haworth, Albany, OR, and Danny Swopes, Dundee, OR

Winner: Dick Arnold, Washougal, WA, ’67 Camaro, .066 R/T, 10.20 dial, 10.228 ET, 118.96 mph
R/U: Rory McNeil, Surrey, BC, ’78 Fairmount, -.167 R/T, 10.34 dial, 10.410 ET, 126.70 mph
Semi’s: Bill Burnham, Battle Ground, WA

Winner: Ron McBee, Portland, OR, ’55 Chevy, .007 R/T, 11.27 dial, 11.495 ET, 105.54 mph
R/U: Jeff Enger, Newberg, OR, ’32 Victoria, .104 R/T, 12.12 dial, 12.265 ET, 111.41 mph

Winner: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha, OR, ’54 HAMB Dragster, .009 R/T, 11.90 dial, 12.022 ET, 108.84 mph
R/U: Doug Powers, Portland, OR, ’66 Valiant, .118 R/T, 14.83 dial, 14.799 ET, 91.12 mph
Semi’s: Ron Parks, Salem, OR

Winner: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR, ’74 Kawasaki, .079 R/T, 8.40 dial, 8.450 ET, 153.74 mph
R/U: Cory Wayne, Olympia, WA, ’83 Suzuki, .007 R/T, 8.86 dial, 8.851 ET, 142.36 mph
Semi’s: Steve Salmon, Springfield, OR

Winner: Henry Robinson, Tualatin, OR, ’97 Harley, .070 R/T, 12.50 dial, 12.522 ET, 100.39 mph
R/U: John Plaster, Buckley, WA, ’00 Harley, .129 R/T, 9.21 dial, 9.309 ET, 141.24 mph
Semi’s: John Schaber, Portland, OR, and Gary Tokos, Olympia, WA

Winner: Dale Green, Pacific, WA, ’08 American, .024 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.893 ET, 173.77 mph
R/U: Arlyn Staiger, Kent, WA, ’03 Mustang, .008 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.890 ET, 166.72 mph
Semi’s: Tony Arthur, Bonney Lake, WA

Winner: Allen Macham, Everett, WA, ’67 Nova, .019 R/T, 10.90 dial, 10.914 ET. 146.38 mph
R/U: Jess Dale, Bonney Lake, WA, ’70 Dart, .041 R/T, 10.90 dial, 10.919 ET, 149.75 mph
Semi’s: Mark Loftis, Lake Tapps, WA

Winner: Conner Rice, Milwaukie, OR, .015 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.982 ET, 70.49 mph
R/U: Hailey Bellika, Oregon City, OR, .102 R/T, 9.71 dial, 9.771 ET, 66.72 mph
Semi’s: Ian Theofelis, Port Orchard, WA

Winner: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, .039 R/T, 9.26 dial, 9.315 ET, 65.29 mph
R/U: Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, .141 R/T, 8.99 dial, 9.019 ET, 73.86 mph
Semi’s: Lindsey Miller, Yakima, WA, and Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR

Winner: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek, OR, .109 R/T, 9.28 dial, 9.299 ET, 70.92 mph
R/U: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, .076 R/T, 8.98 dial, 8.979 ET, 71.81 mph
Semi’s: Duncan Gray, Portland, OR, and Xzavier Heaton, Vancouver, WA

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