Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Familiar faces grace the Winners Circle on Sunday, June 3rd!!

Sunday brought great racing weather for the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #8, World of Speed Jr Racing Series #6(LOL), Super Shifter#3, Vision Diesel #3, Pickup #3, Wilson’s NAPA High School #3, Jr Street #3, Run Tuff, Jr Tuff and Test & Tune!

Winners were: Kurt Gross (Super Pro), Matt Kielman (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Stephanie Nass (Run Tuff), Dick Arnold (Super Shifter), Rick Sales Sr (Pickup), Dale Hagenauer (Diesel), Randy Dundas (who won High School, and his dad, Neil won the 50/50 drawing), Ella Flett (Jr Street), Austin Varner (Jr Lightning), Ryan Dick (Jr Thunder), Kiera Rice (Jr Storm) and Logan Scrivner (Jr Tuff).

The A-1 Performance Trans & Converters Package for Points Winners were:
SUPER PRO: Ken Sweo, ’72 Capri, .009 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
PRO: Matt Kielman, ’70 Nova, .012 Package – Lucas Oil
SPORTSMAN: Lori Winberg, ’64.5 Mustang, .033 Package – Abby’s Pizza

Below are the final round results (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour).

SUPER PRO – (Racing was halted prior to the final round of Super Pro because of Mike Hansen’s crash in the Pro finals. The Super Pro Winner and Runner-up was awarded based on the driver’s reaction time from their prior round).
Winner: Kurt Gross, Oregon City, OR, ’07 TNT, .004 R/T
R/U: John Chitwood, Warren, OR, ’12 TNT, .021 R/T
Semi’s: Guy Mitchell, Milwaukie, OR, and Dennis Blackford, Sweet Home, OR

Winner: Matt Kielman, Vancouver, WA, ’70 Nova, .007 R/T, 10.26 dial, 10.393 ET, 110.86 mph
R/U: Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, ’67 Camaro, .020 R/T, 10.31 dial, 12.202 ET, 40.83 mph
Semi’s: Jerry Biscay, Toledo, WA

Winner: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville, OR, ’67 A100, .022 R/T, 12.41 dial, 12.448 ET, 96.90 mph
R/U: Jessica Biscay, Rochester, WA, ’81 Mustang, .009 R/T, 13.29 dial, 13.371 ET, 97.56 mph
Semi’s: Tony Bombara, Sutherlin, OR, and Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA

RUN TUFF – (Racing was halted prior to the final round of Run Tuff because of Mike Hansen’s crash in the Pro finals. The Run Tuff Winner and Runner-up was awarded based on the driver’s reaction time from their prior round).
Winner: Stephanie Nass, Canby, OR, ’01 Undercover, .027 R/T, 8.00 dial, 8.058 ET, 153.16 mph
R/U: Pat Figini, Oregon City, OR, ’69 Mustang, .053 R/T, 10.28 dial, 10.281 ET, 128.36 mph
Semi’s: Richelle Riedl, Oregon City, OR

Winner: Dick Arnold, Washougal, WA, ’67 Camaro, .006 R/T, 10.08 dial, 10.052 ET, 135.23 mph
R/U: JP Kurilovchan, Aloha, OR, ’60 Corvette, .061 R/T, 10.17 dial, 10.103 ET, 141.50 mph
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR

Winner: Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR, ’65 GMC, .054 R/T, 10.18 dial, 10.408 ET, 107.60 mph
R/U: Josh McMyne, Lebanon, OR, ’10 Titan, .265 R/T, 17.60 dial, 17.686 ET, 77.02 mph
Semi’s: Steve Nicholson, Hillsboro, OR

Winner: Dale Hagenauer, Salem, OR, .030 R/T, 15.75 dial, 15.910 ET, 88.45 mph
R/U: Mike Grady, Portland, OR, ’13 2500 HD, .138 R/T, 14.59 dial, 14.680 ET, 88.92 mph
Semi’s: Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR, and Eric Martin, Dallas, OR

Winner: Randy Dundas, Astoria, OR, ’71 Nova, .208 R/T, 11.87 dial, 11.963 ET, 112.99 mph
R/U: Kirsten Dixon, Albany, OR, ’57 Chevy, -.002 R/T, 14.02 dial, 14.031 ET, 90.71 mph
Semi’s: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, and Josh McMyne, Salem, OR

Winner: Ella Flett, Tillamook, OR, ’95 Mustang, .074 R/T, 9.26 dial, 9.547 ET, 73.21 mph
R/U: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, ’98 BMW, .243 R/T, 10.01 R/T, 10.184 ET, 71.61 mph
Semi’s: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland, OR

Winner: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’11 RC4K, .044 R/T, 7.94 dial, 7.937 ET, 79.61 mph
R/U: Ramon Vincent, Stayton, OR, ’12 RC4K, .037 R/T, 8.80 dial, 8.795 ET, 72.39 mph
Semi’s: Ava Glenn, Kelso, WA, and Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR

Winner: Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, ’07 Halfscale, .099 R/T, 9.04 dial, 9.082 ET, 73.08 mph
R/U: Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, ’06 RC4K, .020 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.896 ET, 74.86 mph
Semi’s: Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR

Winner: Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR, RC4K, .247 R/T, 12.30 dial, 12.431 ET, 51.96 mph
R/U: Maguire Gray, Portland, OR, RC4K, .102 R/T, Broke
Semi’s: Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR

Winner: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .055 R/T, 9.06 dial, 9.070 ET, 71.73 mph
R/U: Duncan Gray, Portland, OR, ’09 Eickmann, .046 R/T, 8.96 dial, 8.994 ET, 72.46 mph
Semi’s: Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR, and Katie Chapman, Sandy, OR

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