Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

A Familiar Face and a Few New Ones Grace the Winner’s Circle on June 4th

On Sunday, June 4th, under Spring-like weather, Woodburn Dragstrip saw close to 200 cars at the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #8 (Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman), World of Speed Jr Racing Series #6 (LOL) in Lightning, Thunder, and Storm, Wilson’s NAPA High School #3, Jr Street #3, Pickup #3, Diesel #3, Super Shifter #3, and a Test & Tune.

Highlights from the weekend were: In Super Pro, in a class of 36 cars, it was Stephanie Nass and Dennis Weddle who went to the finals. They both had a reaction time of .025, but it was Nass who took the win over Weddle (who was last year’s Champion), and so far, he is still leading by 10 points. With 51 cars in Pro, it was Pat Figini who battled through 6 rounds of competition to take the win over John Maul. Other winners included: Robert Glafka in Sportsman, John Masterman in Super Shifter, Rick McAdams in Diesel, Jim Warren in Pickup, Devon Dixon in High School, and Curt Landis in Run Tuff. Winners in the World of Speed Jr Racing Series: Cooper Chun in Lightning, Ava Glenn in Thunder, and Duncan Gray in Storm. There were two Jr dragster racers, Nicholas Karr and Dylan Hough, who competed in Jr Lightning, then dropped into Jr Tuff when they lost 1st round, and they also raced in Jr Street (which is our newest class). It was Karr who took his 2nd win in Jr Street and Jr Tuff over Hough. Please see the final round results below (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour).

The A-1 Performance Trans & Converters Package for Points Winners was:
Super Pro: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR, in his ’’67 Chevelle, with a .023 package
Pro: Jessica King, in her ’62 Nova, with a .017 package
Sportsman: Harry Cole, Gresham, OR, in his ’77 Chevy, with a .029 package

Winner: Stephanie Nass, Canby, OR, ’01 Undercover, .025 R/T, 7.96 dial, 7.986 ET, 166.91 mph
Runner-up: Dennis Weddle, Keizer, OR, ’67 Nova, .025 R/T, 8.75 dial, 8.744 ET, 152.67 mph
Semi’s: Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR

Winner: Pat Figini, Oregon City, OR, ’69 Mustang, .026 R/T, 10.17 dial, 10.214 ET, 125.50 mph
Runner-up: John Maul, Gresham, OR, ’68 Malibu, .142 R/T, 9.83 dial, 9.868 ET, 134.34 mph
Semi’s: Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, and Brett Davis, Canby, OR

Winner: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA, ’70 Torino, .071 R/T, 12.04 dial, 11.998 ET, 104.73 mph
Runner-up: Steve Benghiat, Milwaukie, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .024 R/T, 12.68 dial, 12.610 ET, 106.04 mph
Semi’s: Karen Kalsch, Hillsboro, OR and Lori Winberg, Eugene, OR

Winner: John Masterman, Milwaukie, OR, ’79 Z28, .039 R/T, 11.94 dial, 11.904 ET, 117.17 mph
Runner-up: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, ’93 Corrado, .085 R/T, 11.67 dial, 11.597 ET, 118.92 mph
Semi’s: Brent Russell, Bend, OR

Winner: Jim Warren, North Plains, OR, ’97 Chevy, .038 R/T, 16.84 dial, 16.945 ET, 78.17 mph
Runner-up: Tony Bombara, Sutherlin, OR, ’76 C10, .110 R/T, 12.00 dial, 11.977 ET, 107.11 mph
Semi’s: Harry Cole, Gresham, OR, and Phil Amborn, Portland, OR

Winner: Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR, ’11 Dodge Ram

Winner: Devon Dixon, Sweet Home, ’57 Chevy, .066 R/T, 15.10 dial, 15.143 ET, 87.64 mph
Runner-up: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’71 Nova, .181 R/T, 12.60 dial, 12.527 ET, 106.19 mph
Semi’s: Jeff Stutznegger, Astoria, OR

Winner: Curt Landis, Newberg, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .078 R/T, 10.22 dial, 10.231 ET, 129.38 mph
Runner-up: Bart Sowa, Portland, OR, ’72 Chevy, .085 R/T, 13.72 dial, 13.693 ET, 96.77 mph
Semi’s: Tony Littleton, Salem, OR

Winner: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, ’98 BMW, .432 R/T, 10.05 dial, 10.181 ET, 68.76 mph
Runner-up: Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR, ’16 F150, .190 R/T, 9.88 dial, 10.619 ET, 67.38 mph
Semi’s: Aden Schroeder, Sandy, OR

Winner: Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA, ’09 Halfscale, .041 R/T, 9.30 dial, 9.616 ET, 54.84 mph
Runner-up: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’11 RC4K, .086 R/T, 7.93 ET, 8.363 ET, 73.69 mph
Semi’s: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin, OR

Winner: Ava Glenn, Kelso, WA, ’10 Halfscale, .058 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.925 ET, 74.63 mph
Runner-up: Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, RC4K, .050 R/T, 8.98 dial, 9.032 ET, 72.58 mph
Semi’s: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR

Winner: Duncan Gray, Portland, OR, RC4K, .080 R/T, 9.95 dial, 9.960 ET, 67.53 mph
Runner-up: Katie Marie Chapman, Sandy, OR, RC4K, .084 R/T, 11.90 dial, 11.972 ET, 51.93 mph
Semi’s: Cody Steen, Salem, OR

Winner: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, ’06 Halfscale, .045 R/T, 9.00 dial, 9.018 ET, 71.50 mph
Runner-up: Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR, ’14 Mike Boss, .037 R/T, 7.90 dial, 8.004 ET, 80.63 mph
Semi’s: Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR

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