Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

7th Annual Import Faceoff is in the Books!!

NAPA Import Parts Auto Parts – 7th Annual Import Faceoff was run under sunny spring skies which lead to an exciting and full day of events including a Burn Out Contest, Shiny Car Show with multiple vendors, and an awesome rubber-burning drag race.  On the racing side, event wins were earned by Jeff Bush (Outlaw), Tyler Well (FWD), Nathan Kahler (Forced Induction Pro), Joe Moore (All Motor Pro), John Wood (Forced Induction Sport), Joe Moore, who earlier won in another class (All Motor Sport), and Chris Langford (Bracket). 

The Outlaw category featured Jeff Bush and James Kempf in the final round, as a pair of Washington residents did battle.  In the final round, Kempf had the early advantage off the stripe but Bush drove around him taking the win with a 7.744 ET at 180.25 mph (the top mph of the event) to Kempf’s 14.251 ET at 102.07.

Next up was the Front Wheel Drive category, which featured Tyler Wells and Jeremy Breton in the final round.  In the finals, Wells blasted his Civic down the track with a 9.524 ET at 154.74 mph (of which the mph was tops of the event for the class) to Breton’s 10.298 ET, at 124.56 mph, which was enough to take the win.

Forced Induction Pro showcased Nathan Kahler and Steve Hamann in the finals.   Hamann was off first with the reaction time advantage, but Kahler was able to drive around him taking the win with an 8.958 at 158.73 mph against Hamann who had an 11-795 ET at 118.76 mph.

In All Motor Pro, Joe Moore (who was double-entered) and Bernd Arndt faced off in the final round. In the finals, Moore pulled off the upset when he drove around Arndt, who had the better reaction time.  Moore ran an 11.447 ET at 120.04 mph, while Arndt had a 11.654 ET at 118.40 mph. 

The Forced Induction Sport category was a battle between John Wood and Roman Buzhduga.  Wood had previously downed Dominic Perez-Silva, Chris Cashen and Vlad Drozkek while Buzhduga who had a single in the first round, then defeated Anthony Fitzgerald and Zack Stein.  In the finals, it was Wood who took the win with a 9.449 ET at 145.23 mph. 

All Motor Sport found Joe Moore (who also took the win in All Motor Pro) in another final round battle with Austin Larsen.  Moore eliminated Tyler Knupp and Bud Kuhns, while on the opposite side of the ladder Larsen eliminated Brayar Diaz, and Johnnie Singletary.  In the finals, Moore was slower at the start but came around Larsen to take the win. Moor ran 11.627 ET at 106.13 mph to Larsen’s 12.074 ET at 108.47.  

Finally, with 37 racers in the Bracket category, it was Chris Langford and Steven Stampley in the final round.  In the finals, it was Langford who took the win with a 12.225 ET at 107.59 mph.

The final round results are listed below: (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in (when used), elapsed time, and miles per hour)

W: Jeff Bush, Washougal, WA, ’93 Talon, .131 R/T, 7.744 ET, 180.25 mph
R/U: James Kempf, Tacoma, WA, ’92 Civic, .128 R/T, 14.251 ET, 102.07 mph

W: Tyler Wells, Eugene, OR, ’92 Civic, .138 R/T, 9.524 ET, 154.74 mph
R/U: Jeremy Breton, Ontario, CA, ’93 Civic, .202 R/T, 10.298 ET, 124.56 mph
Semi’s: Joshua Hall, Kent, WA

W: Nathan Kahler, Aberdeen, WA, ’73 Datsun, .493 R/T, 8.958 ET, 158.73 mph
R/U: Steve Hamann, Beaverton, OR, ’93 Subaru, .490 R/T, 11.795 ET, 118.76 mph
Semi’s:  Jereme Lennig, Salem, OR

W: Joe Moore, Vancouver, WA, ’89 Honda, .122 R/T, 11.447 ET, 120.04 mph
R/U:  Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, ’93 Corrado, .095 R/T, 11.654 ET, 118.40 mph
Semi’s:  Shyanna Lowery, Winlock, WA

W: John Wood, Everett, WA, ’91 Eagle, 7.03 R/T, 9.449 ET, 145.23 mph
R/U: Roman Buzhduga, Damascus, OR, ’13 Nissan, .518 R/T, 27.939 ET, 74.30 mph
Semi’s: Vlad Drozkek, Portland, OR, and Zack Stein, Portland, OR

W: Joe Moore, Vancouver, WA, ’89 Honda, .271 R/T, 11.627 ET, 106.13 mph
R/U: Austin Larsen, Vancouver, WA, ’93 Honda, .217 R/T, 12.074 ET, 108.47 mph
Semi’s: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg, OR, and Johnnie Singletary, Centralia, WA

W:  Chris Langford, Roseburg, OR, ’88 CRX, .063 R/T, 12.17 dial, 12.225 ET, 107.59 mph
R/U:  Steven Stampley, Salem, OR, ’62 VW
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, and Thomas Major, Salem, OR

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