Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon


On Sunday, September 3rd, the last day of the 40th Summit Racing Equipment ET Finals started with high anticipation and excitement for the 14 teams competing for individual and team wins.   At the end of the night, the winners who scored victories were: Dale Green (Super Pro), Greg Steen (Pro), John Floyd Jr (Sportsman), Mike Evans (Bike/Sled), Tyler Dobson (Jr Street), Cooper Chun (Jr Lightning, and Sydney Jung (Jr Thunder). 

The Team Championship Point standings are: Pacific Raceways (102 points), Woodburn Dragstrip (74 points), Portland International Raceway (68 points), Renegade Raceway (61 points), Bremerton Raceway (50 points), Firebird Raceway (39 points), Mission Raceway (36 points), Spokane County Raceway (36 points), Walla Walla Drag Strip (27 points), Medicine Hat Drag Race Association (26 points), Madras Dragstrip (26 points), Coos Bay Speedway (12 points), Champion Raceway (7 points), and Lost Creek Raceway (3 points).                  

In a field of 113 cars, it was Dale Green and Chris Jaggers who went to the finals.  In the finals, Green took the when with a .006 R/T, and then ran an 8.935 on his 8.90 dial.  Jaggers had a 1.013 R/T and ran a 7.833 on his 7.71 dial.    

In a field of over 157 cars, the finals came down to Greg Steen and Andy Closkey.  In an exciting race to the finish, it was Steen who took the win with a .021 R/T, vs.  Closkey’s .053 R/T, and running a 10.137 ET on his 10.13 dial, to Closkey’s 10.085 ET on his 10.085 dial.

In a field of 131 cars, the finals came down to John Floyd Jr and Craig Johnston (who also placed 2nd in Saturday’s Race of Champion).  Floyd Jr ran a 14.539 ET on his 14.52 dial, taking the win, when Johnson broke out running a 12.110 ET, on his 12.15 dial.

In a 51-bike field, it was Mike Evans and Jim Werre who went head to head in the finals. In the final round, Werre turned on the dreaded red light by -.011, and Evans took the win.

In a 13-car field, it was Tyler Dobson and Ella Flett who met in the finals.  Dobson ran a 10.857 ET on his 10.84 dial, and took the win. Flett broke out on her 10.08 dial when she ran 10.053. 

In a field of 37 Jr Lightning racers, it was Cooper Chun and Tanner Gaetz who went to the final round.  Cooper ran 9.421 on his 9.41 dial taking the win over Gaetz who broke on his 7.98 dial when he ran 7.977. 

In a field of over 40 Jr Thunder racers, it was Duncan Gray and Kiandra Gaetz who battled it out to get to the finals.  Gray took the win with a .087 R/T then ran 9.388 ET on his 9.32 dial, while Gaetz had .122 R/T and ran a 9.053 on her 9.01 dial.

Below are the final round results (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model (if available), reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour):

Winner:  Dale Green, Pacific, WA, ’08 American, .006 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.925 ET, 16.54 mph
Runner-Up:  Chris Jaggers, Middleton, ID, ’02 Soran, 1.013 R/T, 7.71 Dial, 7.833 ET, 151.59 mph
Semi:  Dennis Weddle, Salem, OR, and Wally Cronin, Tacoma, WA

Winner:  Greg Steen, Seattle, WA, ’89 S-10, .021 R/T, 10.13 dial, 10.137 ET, 129.60 mph
Runner-Up:  Andy Closkey, Quesnel, BC, ’65 Chevelle, .053 R/T, 10.08 dial, 10.085 ET, 129.29 mph
Semi:  Alan Ross, Estacada, OR

Winner:  John Floyd Jr, Gresham, OR, ’02 Chevy Pickup, .012 R/T, 14.52 dial, 14.539 ET, 87.97 mph
Runner-Up:  Craig Johnson, Langley, BC, ‘84 Cutlass, .087 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.110 ET, 104.72
Semi:  Larry DeCamp, Renton, WA

Winner:  Mike Evans, McKenna, WA, ’87 Kawasaki, .077 R/T, 8.85 dial, 8.833 ET, 144.30 mph
Runner-Up:  Jim Werre, Renton, WA, ’12 Kawasaki, -.011 R/T, 9.78 dial, 9.599 ET, 147.61 mph
Semi:  Gene Hegle, Yakima, WA, and Terry Holloway, Yakima, WA

Winner:  Tyler Dobson, Abbotsford, BC, ’70 Chevy C-10, .066 R/T, 10.84 dial, 10.857 ET, 64.48 mph
Runner-Up:  Ella Flett, Tillamook, OR, ’95 Mustang, .165 R/T, 10.08 dial, 72.15 mph
Semi:  Victoria Philbert, Dunmore, AB, and Victoria Peterson, Eatonville, WA

Winner:  Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA, .058 R/T, 9.41 dial, 9.421 ET, 69.41 mph
Runner-Up:  Tanner Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB, .007 R/T, 7.98 dial, 7.977 ET, 79.35 mph
Semi:  Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR

Winner:  Sydney Jung, Surrey BC, .038 R/T, 9.22 dial, 9.218 ET, 70.59 mph
Runner-Up:  Parker Miller, Yakima, WA, .141 R/T, 9.19 dial, 9.098 ET, 71.24 mph
Semi:  O’Riley Benda, Oak Harbor, WA

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