Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon


The 40th Summit Racing Equipment ET Finals – Saturday’s Race of Champions started with blue skies and hot NW summer weather for the 14 teams competing for wins today.  At the end of the night, the winners who scored victories were: Andy Schlenker, Robert Steffen, Troy Johnston, Riley Toth, Thomas Vickers, Hunter Jackson, Zachary Gaetz and Duncan Gray.

After battling through 70 cars in Super Pro, it was Andy Schlenker and Danny Wargnier who went to the finals.  At the light, Schlenker had a .024 R/T to Wargnier’s .033, and they battled down the track.  Schlenker took the win when he ran 7.677 on his 7.67 dial, while Wargnier ran 8.612, on his 8.61 dial.   

In a field of over 80 cars, it was Robert Steffen and Chris Stone who made it to the finals. The win went to Steffen when Stone turned on the dreaded red light by -.015.  Steffen went on to run a 10.546 ET on his 10.54 dial.

In a field of 72 cars, the finals came down to Troy Johnston and Craig Johnson.  Johnston ran a 12.174 on his 12.16 dial and Johnson ran a 12.138 on his 12.15 dial breaking out, which gave the win to Johnston.

In a 35-bike field, it was Riley Toth and Jeramy Reber who went head to head in the finals. In the final round, Toth took the win, when Reber broke out running 9.222 on his 9.29 dial.  Toth ran 8.833 on his 8.82 dial

In a 13 car field, High School kids competed for the win.  Thomas Vickers and Riley Kirby made it to the finals and it was Vickers who took the win over Kirby, when Kirby turned on the dreaded red light.

NHRA Jr Street is a newer race program for 13-16 year olds that will give teenage girls and boys the opportunity to race against their peers in full-bodied street vehicles with an adult co-driver as their teammate that combines racing and car safety.  In a 13-car field, it came down to two best friends, Hunter Jackson and Cooper Chun, who met in the finals.  Jackson took the win over Chun, when Chun turned on the dreaded red light. 

In a field of 37 Jr Lightning racers, it was Zachary Gaetz, and Jazzy McGrew who went to the final round. Gaetz ran 8.074 on his 8.00 dial taking the win over McGrew who ran 7.970 on her 7.93 dial.

In a field of over 40 Jr Thunder racers, it was Duncan Gray and Kiandra Gaetz who battled it out to get to the finals.  Gray took the win with a .087 R/T then ran 9.388 ET on his 9.32 dial, while Gaetz had .122 R/T and ran a 9.053 on her 9.01 dial.

Below are the final round results for the Race of Champions (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour)

Winner: Andy Schlenker, Mabton, WA, ’09 Mullis, .024 R/T, 7.67 dial, 7.677 ET, 173.31 mph
Runner-Up:  Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR, ’72 Vega, .033 R/T, 8.61 dial, 8.612 ET, 159.57 mph
Semi: Cheryl Wentz, Yakima, WA

Winner:  Robert Steffen, Tumwater, WA, ’78 Dart, .039 R/T, 10.54 dial, 10.546 ET, 126.08 mph
Runner-Up:  Chris Stone, Mission, BC, ’68 Dart, -.015 R/T, 10.31 dial, 10.297 ET, 123.93 mph
Semi:  Brian McGinnis, Kent, WA

Winner: Troy Johnston, Keyport, WA, ’72 Duster, .075 R/T, 12.16 dial, 12.174 ET, 108.73 mph
Runner-Up: Craig Johnson, Langley, BC, ’84 Cutlass, .042 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.138 ET, 106.43 mph
Semi:  John Tabak, Maple Ridge, BC

Winner: Riley Toth, Medicine Hat, AB, ’02 Kawasaki, .114 R/T, 8.82 dial, 8.833 ET, 147.78 mph
Runner-Up: Jeramy Reber, Rogue River, OR, ’98 Suzuki, .014 R/T, 9.29 dial, 9.222 ET, 139.68 mph
Semi:  Mark Adams, Portland, OR

Winner:  Thomas Vickers, Bremerton, WA, ’06 Tahoe, .087 R/T, 12.00 dial, 12.024 ET, 111.04 mph
Runner-Up:  Riley Kirby, Coos Bay, OR, ’66 Mustang, -.090 R/T, 14.96 dial, 15.461 ET, 88.53 mph
Semi:  Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, and Cora Seekins, Vancouver, WA

Winner: Hunter Jackson, Happy Valley, OR, ’16 Tundra, .054 R/T, 10.54 dial, 10.337 ET, 69.12 mph
Runner-Up: Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA, ’05 Ford, -.047 R/T, 12.83 dial, 12.806 ET, 61.69 mph
Semi: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, and Ella Flett, Tillamook, OR

Winner: Zachary Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB, .042 R/T, 8.00 dial, 8.074 ET, 79.04 mph
Runner-Up: Jazzy McGrew, Yakima, WA, .108 R/T, 7.93 dial, 7.970 ET, 81.87 mph
Semi: Haylie Crawford, Kennewick, WA

Winner: Duncan Gray, Portland, OR, .087 R/T, 9.32 dial, 9.388 ET, 70.29 mph
Runner-Up: Kiandra Gaetz, Medicine Hat, AB, .122 R/T, 9.01 dial, 9.053 ET, 72.42 mph
Semi:  Charlie Burkevics, Graham, WA

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