Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Last Race for our 2017 Season was Completed!!

Sunday, October 8th, was the last race of our 2017 Season with the completion of the Fall ET Racing Series #5 (Electronic, Transbrake, Footbrake), World of Speed Fall Jr Racing Series #5 (Jr Lightning, Jr Thunder), Run Tuff, and Jr Tuff. Sunday was a day full of exciting races as the competitors in every class were racing for the Fall ET Championships. The winners were: Bill Heard (Electronics) who took his first win and it was against Casey DePeel, who was sitting in 1st place in points. DePeel took 2nd place in the race, but kept his lead in points to take the 2017 Electronics Championship. Shawn Choruby in his only race in the Fall ET series (Transbrake) took the win against Mike Hansen. Hansen finished 2nd with 240 points to Dave Bronec’s 250 points. Bronec earned the title of the 2017 Transbrake Championship. Curtis Landis (Footbrake) battled through 17 racers to meet Earl Eberly in the finals. Landis took the win which solidified his 1st place and the 2017 Footbrake Championship. Justin Budd took the win against Paul Warner (Run Tuff). Conner Rice (Jr Lightning) went into the finals tied for 1st place. The final round was against Ramon Vincent. Both drivers raced head to head to the stripe when both drivers broke out, and the win went to Rice who then took 1st in the race, which also earned him the Fall Jr Lightning Championship. Logan Scrivner (Jr Thunder) also went into the final series race 1st in points, took the win against Lindsey Miller, which earned him the Fall Jr Thunder Championship. Ryan Dick took the win against Keira Rice (Jr Run Tuff).

Below are the final round results (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour):

Winner: Bill Heard, Portland, OR, ’80 Pinto, 1.527 R/T, 8.84 dial, 8.844 ET, 151.10 mph
Runner-Up: Casey DePeel, Portland, OR, ’06 Mullis, -.034 R/T, 7.18 dial, 7.187 ET, 185.72 mph
Semi: Bill/Tony McNeal, Milwaukie, OR,

Winner: Shawn Choruby, Tigard, OR, ’66 Mustang, .097 R/T, 11.02 dial, 10.961 ET, 120.95 mph
Runner-Up: Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, ’67 Camaro, .184 R/T, 10.12 dial, 10.059 ET, 130.52 mph
Semi: Kevin Fletcher, Beaverton, OR,

Winner: Curtis Landis, Newberg, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .073 R/T, 10.30 dial, 10.292 ET, 128.25 mph
Runner-Up: Earl Eberly, Aurora, CO, ’88 Chevy S10, .036 R/T, 11.96 dial, 11.929 ET, 110.89 mph
Semi: Eric Dunks, Springfield, CO

Winner: Justin Budd, The Dalles, OR, ’75 Monza, .065 R/T, 10.32 dial, 10.352 E/T, 126.95 mph
Runner-Up: Paul Warner, Portland, OR, ’79 Camaro, .071 R/T, 12.00 dial, 11.997 ET, 111.02 mph
Semi: David Thompson, McMinnville, OR, and Ron Strong, Oregon City, OR

Winner: Conner Rice, Milwaukie, OR, ’11 RC4K, .066 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.873 ET, 82.75 mph
Runner-Up: Ramon Vincent, Stayton, OR, ’10 RC4K, .062 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.867 ET, 82.19 mph
Semi: Hailey Bellikka, Oregon City, OR

Winner: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’09 Eichmann, .078 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.994 ET, 71.68 mph
Runner-Up: Lindsey Miller, Yakima, WA, ’17 McIlvain, .179 R/T, 9.00 dial, 9.004 ET, 79.42 mph
Semi: Duncan Gray, Portland, OR

Winner: Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, ’07 Halfscale, .034 R/T, 8.97 dial, 8.988 ET, 74.11 mph
Runner-Up: Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR, ’10 RC4K, .115 R/T, 11.90 dial, 12.091 ET, 52.97 mph
Semi: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek, OR

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