Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Perfect Light Club

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For the 10th consecutive year, the 2017 Perfect Light Club is brought to you by NORTHWEST WHOLESALE/HILTON RACING suppliers of GOODYEAR/HOOSIER/MICKEY THOMPSON RACING TIRES.

The racer who scores the most perfect lights at Woodburn Dragstrip throughout the 2017 season will receive a coupon valued at $600 good for product from Northwest Wholesale Tire.  A perfect light can be earned at any scheduled event during 2017 race season.  The names on this list have scored a .000 in reaction time and brought their time slip to the tower to receive their Perfect Light T-Shirt and two matching window decals. To inquire about purchasing Racing Tires go to www.nwr4racing.com or phone 503-793-7941. We congratulate all who have achieved this remarkable feat.  The person with the most perfect lights at the end of the year will be honored at the Awards Banquet held at the World of Speed Museum on Saturday, November 18, 2017.  

Congratulations to all of you who have recorded a Perfect Light in 2017!

3/19/17 Devon Hilton Super Pro
3/19/17 Ken Sweo Super Pro
4/2/17 Rick Sales Sr Pro
4/2/17 Cooper Chun Jr Lightning 
4/2/17 Angelo Palamaris Sportsman
4/2/17 Tony Schroeder Super Pro
4/2/17 Gary Wargnier Super Pro
4/2/17 Kurt Gross Super Pro
4/2/17 Stephanie Gross Super Pro
4/2/17 Kurt Gross Super Pro
4/2/17 Dave Sattem Super Pro
4/9/17 Debbie Dawson Super Pro
4/9/17 Mark Dawson Super Pro
4/9/17 Lee Ennis Sportsman
4/9/17 Rick Sales Sr Pro
4/9/17 Harry J Cole Sportsman
4/9/17 Kevin Fletcher Pro
4/9/17 Cooper Chun Jr Lightning 
4/29/17 Aaron Coy VW
4/29/17 Phil Amborn Pickup
4/30/17 Jeff Staley Pro
4/30/17 Jerry Biscay Sportsman
4/30/17 Rich Potter Pro
4/30/17 Charlie Dietrich Super Pro
4/30/17 Gary Palmateer Super Pro
5/6/17 Jerry Stauffer Inline/Flathead
5/6/17 Garry Heinrich Street Rod
5/6/17 Brad Hakala Super Shifter
5/7/17 Kevin Fletcher Pro
5/7/17 Karen Kalsch Sportsman
5/7/17 Thomas Major VW
5/7/17 Earl Griffith Super Pro
5/7/17 Harry J Cole Sportsman
5/19/17 Norm Braedt Super Pro
5/19/17 Margaret Sweo Sportsman
5/19/17 Alan Snyder Pro
5/19/17 Norm Braedt Super Pro
5/19/17 Ron Wirostek Pro
5/19/17 Austin Varner Jr Lightning 
5/20/17 Darren Fetters Pro
5/20/17 Kevin Fletcher Pro
5/20/17 Dennis Weddle Super Pro
5/20/17 Dale Green Super Pro
5/20/17 Jerry Weber Sportsman
5/20/17 Mark Campbell Super Quick
5/21/17 Tom Golden Super Pro
5/21/17 Alan Ross Pro
5/21/17 Josh Schmanke Super Comp
5/21/17 Andy Taylor Super Pro
5/21/17 Shawn Cranford Jr Lightning 
6/2/17 Brad Hakala Super Shifter
6/2/17 Riley Hall Sportsman
6/4/17 Bart Sowa Sportsman
6/11/17 Roger Weddle Super Pro
6/11/17 Phil Lang Pro
6/17/17 Nicholas Karr Jr Thunder
6/17/17 Nicholas Karr Jr Thunder
6/17/17 Debbie Dawson Super Pro
6/17/17 Logan Scrivner Jr Thunder
6/18/17 Steve Stuart Pro
6/18/17 Bill McNeal Super Pro
6/18/17 Steve Stuart Pro
6/18/17 Fred Nicholas Super Pro
6/18/17 Mike Hansen Pro
6/24/17 Jim Cotterman Street Machine
6/24/17 Richard Dietrich Hot Rod
6/24/17 Mark Pracht Top Gas
6/25/17 John Selman Stick Shift
6/25/17 Wally Cronin Top Gas
6/25/17 Mark Tabert Top Gas
6/25/17 Don Budd Top Gas
7/8/17 Ken Sweo Super Pro
7/8/17 Steve Stuart Street Machine
7/8/17 Dennis Weddle Top Gas
7/8/17 Gary Palmateer Top Gas
7/9/17 Jay Phillips Hole in the Hood
7/9/17 Mark Pracht Super Pro
7/9/17 Steve Canton Pro
7/9/17 Conner Rice Jr Lightning 
7/9/17 Hunter Jackson Jr Lightning 
7/9/17 Alan Snyder Pro
7/9/17 Mark Hunt Volkswagen
7/9/17 Jessica King Pro
7/9/17 Charlie Dietrich Super Pro
7/13/17 Ron MacKenzie Super Gas
7/14/17 James Boyce Stock
7/14/17 Amber Rutherford Pro
7/14/17 Sadie Floyd Top Dragster
7/14/17 Greg Hehr Super Gas
7/15/17 Marc Heritage Super Comp
7/15/17 Madison Whitten Super Comp
7/15/17 Phil Gilbert Super Gas
7/15/17 Mike Robinson Super Pro
7/15/17 Casey Plaizer Top Gas
7/15/17 Meghan Molinari Top Dragster
7/15/17 Andy Boel Super Gas
7/16/17 Jody Lang Stick Shift
7/15/17 Mark Downing Stick Shift
7/16/17 Jessica Juel Top Dragster
7/16/17 Gene Heaton Top Dragster
7/16/17 Justin Cooper Super Comp
7/16/17 Cliff Petty Pro
7/20/17 Kelly Muncy Modern Muscle Car
7/22/17 Jessica Burnett Pro
7/22/17 Dennis Blackford Super Pro
7/22/17 Joseph O’Grady High School
7/22/17 Ken Imthurn Pro
7/23/17 Rick Welter Non Electronics
7/28/17 Dennis Weddle Electronics
7/28/17 Robert Glembock Electronics
7/28/17 Gay Wood Non Electronics
7/28/17 Ken Sweo Electronics
7/28/17 Christopher Northrup Electronics
7/28/17 Mark Warmouth Non Electronics
7/28/17 Chris Stone Non Electronics
7/29/17 David Myhre Electronics
7/29/17 Joel Phillips Non Electronics
7/29/17 Chris Stone Non Electronics
7/29/17 Alan Snyder Non Electronics
7/29/17 Rick Sales Sr Non Electronics
7/29/17 Curt Landis Non Electronics
7/29/17 Ken Sweo Electronics
7/29/17 Brian Jennen Non Electronics
7/29/17 Brian Jennen Non Electronics
7/29/17 David Chun Jr Non Electronics
7/30/17 David Chun Jr Non Electronics
7/30/17 Casey Nelson Electronics
8/12/17 Dale Purcell Super Pro
8/12/17 Mark Dawson Top Gas
8/12/17 Shawn Choruby Street Machine
8/13/17 Steven Ennis Street Rod
8/13/17 Barry Sheasgreen Street Rod
8/20/17 William Nitta ET Motorcycle
8/22/17 Mark Dawson Super Pro
8/26/17 Jessica King Pro
8/26/17 Mark Pracht Super Pro
8/26/17 Lee Ennis Footbrake
8/26/17 Steve Canton Transbrake
8/26/17 Jeff Jackson Jr Test & Tune
8/29/17 Ryan Secondi Super Pro
8/31/17 Brian McGinnis Pro
8/31/17 Veronica Hodgson Sportsman
8/31/17 Russ Boat Motorcycle
8/31/17 Chris Stone Pro
8/31/17 Eli Taghon Pro
8/31/17 Steve Johanson Super Pro
8/31/17 Pat Osmundson Super Pro
8/31/17 Kevin McCauley Sportsman
8/31/17 Chuck Killian Sportsman
8/31/17 Robert Richards Pro
8/31/17 Ken Sweo Super Pro
9/1/17 Tom Wurtz Pro
9/1/17 Tod Harte Pro
9/1/17 Dave Strobeck Super Pro
9/1/17 Martin Rachel Super Pro
9/1/17 Cody Hiutt Super Pro
9/1/17 Brian Jennen Pro
9/1/17 Gary Wargnier Super Pro
9/1/17 Chris Stone Pro
9/1/17 Don DePeel Bike/Sled
9/2/17 Gary Howe Jr Sportsman
9/2/17 Jack Ward Pro
9/2/17 Brandon Ricken  Pro
9/2/17 Victoria Peterson Jr Street
9/2/17 Tyler Dobson Jr Street
9/2/17 Warren Regnias Super Pro
9/2/17 David Wakefield Super Pro
9/2/17 Bill Brown Pro
9/2/17 Brian Overturf Super Pro
9/2/17 Brent Hodson Super Pro
9/3/17 Jolene Chambers Sportsman
9/3/17 Jeff Schulz Super Pro
9/3/17 Chris Clardy Super Pro
9/3/17 Steve Schlepp Super Pro
9/3/17 Mike Sarver Super Pro
9/3/17 Mark Loftis Super Pro
9/3/17 Gary Wood Pro
9/3/17 Larry Kelley Super Pro
9/3/17 David Oien Sportsman
9/3/17 Phil Hudlow Pro
9/3/17 Gregg Heriford Pro
9/3/17 Wally Cronin Super Pro
9/9/17 Jared Chilson Transbrake
9/9/17 Steve Sherman Pro
9/9/17 Dave Bronec Pro
9/15/17 Garett Colletti Super Comp
9/16/17 Justin Jerome Stock
9/16/17 Steve Lowe Super Stock
9/16/17 Bob Ohide Super Comp
9/16/17 Clinton Geise Top Dragster
9/16/17 Gary Wargnier Super Pro
9/16/17 Ed Hauter Top Dragster
9/16/17 Jody Lang Super Stock
9/17/17 Mike Hansen Pro
9/17/17 Mike Williams Top Sportsman
9/23/17 Mark Tabert Top Gas
9/23/17 Dale Green Super Comp
9/23/17 Russ Parker BB/FC
9/23/17 Don Belcher Top Gas
9/24/17 Barry Sheasgreen Sportsman
9/24/17 Harry J Cole Sportsman
9/24/17 Fred Nicholas Super Pro
9/24/17 Dale Green Super Comp
9/24/17 Scott Lang Pro
9/24/17 David Pracht Super Pro
9/24/17 Ken Sweo Super Pro
9/24/17 Ryan Bese Jr Thunder
9/24/17 Berndt Arndt Super Shifter
10/1/17 Lee Ennis Footbrake
10/1/17 Donny Richards Electronics
10/8/17 Justin Budd Electronics