Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Perfect Light Club


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For the eighth consecutive year, the 2015 Perfect Light Club is brought to you by NORTHWEST WHOLESALE/HILTON RACING suppliers of GOODYEAR/HOOSIER/MICKEY THOMPSON RACING TIRES. Northwest Wholesale/Hilton Racing is proud to continue their tradition of a bonus contingency posting at Woodburn Dragstrip.  Every racer who has purchased Goodyear, Hoosier, or Mickey Thompson race tires from the Race Tire trailer within the last two years, and has official Goodyear/Hoosier/Mickey Thompson Race Tire decals on both sides of their race vehicle is eligible. If you are to win an event at Woodburn Dragstrip, and meet the prior requirements, Hilton Racing will pay out $50 cash for your victory.

The racer who scores the most perfect lights at Woodburn Dragstrip throughout the 2014 season will receive a coupon valued at $600 good for product from Northwest Wholesale Tire. This perfect light can be earned at any scheduled event in the 2015 race season. The names on this list have scored a .000 in reaction time and brought their time slip to the tower to receive their Perfect Light T-Shirt and two matching window decals. To inquire about purchasing Racing Tires go to www.nwr4racing.com or phone 503-793-7941. We congratulate all who have achieved this remarkable feat. The person with the most perfect lights at the end of the year will be honored at the Awards Banquet held at the World of Speed Museum on Saturday, November 21st, 2015. Congratulations to all of you who recorded that perfect light in 2015!



1. Gordon Cady Jr, Sportsman, 03/01/2015
2. Karen Kalsch, Sportsman, 03/08/2015
3. Lisa Belcher, Pro, 03/08/2015
4. Tony Bombara, Sportsman, 03/28/2015
5. Greg Carlile, Top Dragster, 03/28/2015
6. John Hite, Sportsman, 03/29/2015
7. Hollis Runge, Pro, 03/29/2015
8. Jerry Cogar, Pro, 03/29/2015
9. Angelo Palamaris, Sportsman, 04/04/2015
10. Trevin Walberg, Jr Lightning, 04/04/2015
11. Brent Russel, Super Shifter, 04/04/2015
12. Kevin Petersen, Super Pro, 04/04/2015
13. David Bronec, Pro, 04/12/2015
14. Dave Sattem, Super Pro, 04/12/2015
15. Robert Lee, Pro, 04/12/2015
16. Dennis Weddle, Super Pro, 04/12/2015
17.Dave Sattem, Super Pro, 04/12/2015
18. Matt Claussen, Super Pro, 04/12/2015
19. Lorin Winberg, Powderpuff, 04/18/2015
20. Jay Phillips, Hole in the Hood, 04/18/2015