Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Perfect Light Club

100 MPH Club

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For the 11th consecutive year, the 2018 Perfect Light Club is brought to you by NORTHWEST WHOLESALE/HILTON RACING suppliers of GOODYEAR/HOOSIER/MICKEY THOMPSON RACING TIRES.

The racer who scores the most perfect lights at Woodburn Dragstrip throughout the 2018 season will receive a coupon valued at $600 good for product from Northwest Wholesale Tire.  A perfect light can be earned at any scheduled event during 2018 race season.  The names on this list have scored a .000 in reaction time and brought their time slip to the tower to receive their Perfect Light T-Shirt and two matching window decals. To inquire about purchasing Racing Tires go to www.nwr4racing.com or phone 503-793-7941. We congratulate all who have achieved this remarkable feat.  The person with the most perfect lights at the end of the year will be honored at the Awards Banquet held at the World of Speed Museum on Saturday, November 17, 2018.  

Congratulations to all of you who have recorded a Perfect Light in 2018!

3/11/18 Mark Tabert Super Pro
4/20/18 Mike Tarabochia Super Pro
4/20/18 Tom Avgerakis Super Pro
4/21/18 Norm Davis Hot Rod
4/21/18 Norm Davis Hot Rod
4/21/18 Casey Ladd Super Pro
4/21/18 Jimmy Heriford Street Rod
4/21/18 Mike Hansen Street Machine
4/22/18 Gary Wargnier Super Pro
4/22/18 David Pracht Super Pro
4/22/18 Donny Richards Super Pro
4/22/18 Mike McManus Super Pro
4/28/18 Henry Robinson Harley
5/5/18 Jarod Anderson  Hot Rod
5/5/18 Logan Scrivner Jr Thunder
5/6/18 Mark Tabert Super Pro
5/6/18 Dom Andreotti Pro
5/6/18 Brandon Price Sportsman
5/5/18 Earl Eberly Pickup
5/6/18 Tom Avgerakis Super Pro
5/6/18 Steve Canton Dragster/Roadster
5/19/18 Ken Sweo Super Pro
5/19/18 David Thompson Pro
5/19/18 Larry Kelley Super Pro
5/19/18 Gary Ericksen Super Street
5/19/18 Tanner Goetz Jr Lightning
5/19/18 Hunter Jackson Jr Lightning
5/19/18 Mike Nicholson Super Pro
5/19/18 Yeshua Wilcox Super Quick
5/19/18 Tom Tevlin Super Quick
5/19/18 Mark Campbell Super Quick
5/19/18 Ken Sweo Super Pro
5/20/18 Fred Nicholas Super Pro
5/20/18 Stacy Hesen Motorcycle
5/20/18 Neil Gunnarson Super Quick
5/20/18 Mike Evans Motorcycle
5/20/18 Paul Nero Super Pro
5/20/18 Kyleah Taylor Super Pro
5/20/18 Rick Sales Sr Pro
6/3/18 Lavonne Goodman Sportsman
6/3/18 Steve Nicholson Sportsman
6/9/18 Craig Tharp Super Pro
6/9/18 Mark Dawson Super Pro
6/9/18 Craig Tharp Super Pro
6/17/18 Todd Turner Pro
6/17/18 Harry Cole Pro
6/17/18 Justin Hofeldt Super Pro
6/17/18 Rick Norrington  Hole in the Hood
6/23/18 John Hamilton Dragster/Roadster
6/23/18 CJ Stoakes Inline/Flathead
6/23/18 Tom Golden Top Gas
6/23/18 Kirby Olmsted Top Gas
6/24/18 Fred Nicholas Top Gas
6/24/18 Jim Estes Street Rod
6/24/18 Jeff Sievers Street Machine
7/7/18 Earl Eberly Sportsman
7/7/18 Donny Richards Super Pro
7/7/18 Rick Sales Sr Pro
7/7/18 Robert Glafka Sportsman
7/7/18 Paul Nero Super Pro
7/8/18 John Chitwood Super Pro
7/8/18 Kurt Gross Super Pro
7/8/18 Kasey Jones Hole in the Hood
7/8/18 Kasey Jones Hole in the Hood
7/8/18 Bob Ohlde Super Gas
7/8/18 Rene Crunelle Sportsman
7/13/18 Brian Thompson Stock
7/13/18 Sadie Glenn Super Pro
7/14/18 Herman Chan Super Street
7/15/18 Gary Stemple Motorcycle
7/15/18 Julie Adams Super Pro
7/21/18 Del McKamey Super Pro
7/21/18 Stephanie Biscay Sportsman
7/21/18 Don Budd Super Pro
7/21/18 JP Kurilovchan Super Shifter
7/21/18 Elizabeth Hicks LX Club
7/21/18 Karen Kalsch Modern MuscleCar
7/21/18 Jessica King Pro
7/22/18 Roger Weddle Super Pro
7/22/18 Roger Petty Pro
7/22/18 Derrick Jackson Sportsman
7/22/18 Terry Hall Pro
7/22/18 Dale Kraxberger Pro
7/27/18 Dustin Ward Non-Electronic
7/27/18 Harry Cole Non-Electronic
7/27/18 Scott Utter Dragster/Roadster
7/27/18 Rick Sales Sr Non-Electronic
7/27/18 Chris Stone Pro
7/28/18 Mike Hilsendager Super Pro
7/28/18 Henry Robinson Motorcycle
7/28/18 Josh Fuerstenberg Non-Electronic
7/28/18 Cory Jackson Electronic
7/28/18 Ted Brown Motorcycle
7/28/18 Andy Taylor Super Pro
7/29/18 Gene Hegle Quick 8
7/29/18 Dave McLean Pro
7/29/18 George LeBlanc Electronic
7/29/18 Colin Richburg Electronic
7/29/18 Shannan Gaynor Non-Electronic
7/29/18 Shane Thompson Electronic
7/29/18 Dustin Hentges Electronic
7/29/18 Pat Johnson Dragster/Roadster
7/29/18 Terry Holloway Motorcycle
7/29/18 Tony Darcy Non-Electronic
8/11/18 Christopher Corner Pro
8/11/18 John Rheinberger Sportsman
8/11/18 Bob Osborne Motorcycle
8/12/18 Rick Sales Sr Hot Rod
8/12/18 Kenny Welch Pro Nostalgia
8/12/18 Scott Hamness Hot Rod
8/12/18 Mark Hoefler Gasser
8/12/18 Dave Sattem Sportsman
8/17/18 Darren Fetters Hot Rod
8/17/18 Ken Sweo Super Pro
8/18/18 Bob Caldwell Hole in the Hood
8/18/18 Fred Nicholas Super Pro
8/19/18 Stephanie Nass Super Pro
8/26/18 Karen Kalsch Modern MuscleCar
8/26/18 Scott Parks Footbrake
9/8/18 Ramon Vincent Jr Lightning
9/8/18 Tim McDaniel Pickup
9/14/18 Gary Wargnier Super Pro
9/14/18 Dean Petersen Super Gas
9/15/18 Ray Carlson Super Street
9/15/18 Josh Dalrymple Super Street
9/15/18 Andy Boen Super Gas
9/15/18 Ken Harkema Super Gas
9/15/18 Jody Lang Super Stock
9/15/18 Tom Clark Super Comp
9/15/18 Jason Heard Super Gas
9/15/18 Norm Webber Comp/SA
9/15/18 Dave Holmes Super Gas
9/22/18 Thomas T Jackson III Street Machine
9/22/18 Dave Secondi Super Comp
9/23/18 Tony Bombara Sportsman
9/23/18 Derrick Jackson Sportsman
9/23/18 Donny Richards Super Pro
9/23/18 Dave Flett Super Stock/Stock
9/23/18 Ryan Bese Jr Lightning
9/29/18 Skippy Hoheisel Motorcycle
9/30/18 Dan Powell Modern MuscleCar