Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Package for the Points

Package for the Points_PERM


This competition is held at all Sunoco Race Fuel ET Series events. The object is to get the best reaction time and be closest to your dial-in. This total is known as the “package”. To enter this competition, on the final time run prior to eliminations, drivers will post a dial-in. Going quicker than your posted dial-in and/or getting a red light will result in disqualification. A perfect reaction combined with a run exactly on the dial-in would be a perfect package .000. The racer who is closest to the perfect package in each class will win a prize from one of these fine companies: Abby’s Pizza-Woodburn, Lucas Oil Products, Pico Wiring Accessories, and Blaster Products. Each winner will be entered in a drawing for the Grand Prize – $1000 value in product and/or service from A-1 Performance Transmissions & Converters. This award will be presented at the annual Awards Banquet held on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at the Holiday Inn/Wilsonville.

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Listed below are event winners for each Package for the Points.

April 4th
Super Pro: Ken Woodward, .011 Package
Pro: Vic Levings, .019 Package
Sportsman: Harry Cole, .028 Package

April 12th
Super Pro: Al Lyda, .016 Package
Pro: Paul Miller, .016 Package
Sportsman: Marty Arrigotti, .003 Package
Motorcycle: John Plaster, .024 Package

April 19th
Super Pro: Mike McManus, .016 Package
Pro: Dean Tabert, .026 Package
Sportsman: Jerry Weber, .039 Package

April 26th

Super Pro: Ken Sweo, .004 Package
Pro: Not Contested
Sportsman: Derrick Jackson, .024 Package

May 3rd
Super Pro:   Billy Taylor, .011 Package
Pro: Dom Andreotti, .017 Package
Sportsman: Garry Heinrich, .041 Package

May 16th
Super Pro:   Devon Hilton, .016 Package
Pro: Bruce Riedl, .009 Package
Sportsman: Lori Winberg, .035 Package
Motorcycle: Ted Brown, .100 Package

May 17th
Super Pro:   Bryan Schmitt, .018 Package
Pro: Mike Hansen, .012 Package
Sportsman: Harry Cathcart Jr, .019 Package
Motorcycle: Nick Kroske, .056 Package

May 31st
Super Pro:   Bill Heard, .011 Package
Pro: Pat Figini, .027 Package
Sportsman: Karl Hart, .014 Package

June 6th
Super Pro:   Victor Clark, .011 Package
Pro: Paul Warner, .030 Package
Sportsman: Harry Cole, .005 Package
Motorcycle: Eric Johns, .050 Package

June 7th
Super Pro:   Kirby Olmsted, .007 Package
Pro: Matt Kielman, .030 Package
Sportsman: Darrick Ellam, .034 Package
Motorcycle: Mike Graver, .038 Package

June 14th
Super Pro:  Paul Nero, .006 Package
Pro: Curt Landis, .009 Package
Sportsman: Tracy Herinckx, .015 Package

June 21st
Super Pro:  Dennis Weddle, .007 Package
Pro: Mark Dawson, .005 Package
Sportsman: Jerry Weber, .004 Package

July 12th
Super Pro:  Tom Avgerakis, .023 Package
Pro: Andy Harris, .023 Package
Sportsman: Billy King, .047 Package

July 26th

Super Pro:  Stephanie Nass, .009 Package
Pro: Ron Parks, .035 Package
Sportsman: Derrick Jackson, .047 Package

August 22nd
Super Pro:  Mark Pracht, .007 Package
Pro: Pat Figini, .017 Package
Sportsman: Stephanie Biscay, .017 Package