Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Package for the Points

Package for the Points_PERM


This competition is held at all Sunoco Race Fuel ET Series events. The object is to get the best reaction time and be closest to your dial-in. This total is known as the “package”. To enter this competition, on the final time run prior to eliminations, drivers will post a dial-in. Going quicker than your posted dial-in and/or getting a red light will result in disqualification. A perfect reaction combined with a run exactly on the dial-in would be a perfect package .000. The racer who is closest to the perfect package in each class will win a prize from one of these fine companies: Abby’s Pizza-Woodburn, Lucas Oil Products, and Pico Wiring Accessories. Each winner will be entered in a drawing for the Grand Prize – $1000 value in product and/or service from A-1 Performance Transmissions & Converters.  This award will be presented at the annual Awards Banquet held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon

Listed below are the 2017 event winners for each Package for the Points.

April 2nd
Super Pro: Stephanie Nass, .004 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Pro: Thomas Jackson III, .013 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Sportsman: Shannon O’Leary, .020 Package – Lucas Oil

April 9th
Super Pro: Bill/Tony McNeal, .013 Package – Lucas Oil
Pro: Dean Tabert, .029 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Sportsman: Jerry Weber, .007 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories

April 30th
Super Pro: Charlie Dietrich, .004 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Pro: Rick Sales Sr, .024 Package – Lucas Oil
Sportsman: Jerry Biscay, .030 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Motorcycle: Mark Adams, .045 Package – Lucas Products

May 7th
Super Pro: Larry Kelley, .021 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Pro: Dave Thompson, .023 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Sportsman: Dawn Dietrich, .034 Package – Lucas Oil

May 20th
Super Pro:  Dennis Weddle, .013 Package – Lucas Oil
Pro:  George Burns III, .029 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Sportsman:  Danny Swopes, .041 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Bike/Sled:  Ted Brown, .074 Package – Lucas Products

June 4th
Super Pro:  Gary Wargnier, .023 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Pro:  Jessica King, .017 Package – Lucas Oil
Sportsman:  Harry Cole, .029 Package – Abby’s Pizza

June 11th
Super Pro:  Dave Sattem, .020 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Pro:  Dean Tabert, .008 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Sportsman:  Margaret Sweo, .015 Package – Lucas Oil
Bike/Sled:  LeRoy Hansen, .019 Package – Lucas Products

June 18th
Super Pro:  Devon Hilton, .010 Package – Lucas Oil
Pro:  Jessica King, .009 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Sportsman:  Harry Cole, .058 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories

July 9th
Super Pro:  Loretta McCool, .008 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Pro: Jessica King, .015 Package – Lucas Oil
Sportsman:  Stephanie Biscay, .040 Package – Abby’s

July 22nd
Super Pro: Bill Heard, .019 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Pro: Tony Price, .031 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Sportsman: Scott Stoner, .035 Package – Lucas Oil

July 29th
Bike/Sled: Bill Nitta, .021 Package – Abby’s Pizza

July 30th
Bike/Sled: Terry Holloway, .087 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories

August 20th
Super Pro: David Pracht, .018 Package – Lucas Oil
Pro:  Mike Hansen, .034 Package – Abby’s
Sportsman:  Adam Tabor, .042 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Bike/Sled:  Mark Adams, .073 Package – Lucas Products