Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Live Timing – 1320go.com


Woodburn Dragstrip was one of the first tracks in the NHRA Northwest Division to feature Live Timing with 1320go.com. We believe the more information that is available to our racers, the better and more informed they will become.

So what is 1320go.com? 1320go takes the data from the Compulink Timing System and sends it out to the web through the Internet connection at the track. If you’re a spectator or a fan stuck away from the racetrack, 1320go.com is a FREE service to simply watch. You will be able to access not only your own race data but also the data from your competitors for a 12 month period for a modest fee of $19.95. The 1320go.com data will be available at each and every event held at Woodburn Dragstrip. If you race at other 1320go.com participating tracks/series or just want to have the data from any of them, 1320go.com has a Multi-Track option that will give you all the data from every 1320go.com participating track/series for a fee of $39.90 for a 12 month period. Not only will 1320go.com log your information but will provide data on your opponent. 1320go.com will also show the current weather from the nearest NOAA reporting station or the track’s weather station if they have that option.

There is a 10 second delay built in so that racers will not receive data exactly as it happens. The 10 second delay will prevent racers from receiving any unfair advantage over their opponent. 1320go.com also has an app that is available on any IPhone for a modest fee of $9.95.

One additional feature of 1320go.com is that all of your data can be fed into Crew Chief Pro 7 automatically for a onetime fee of $124 for your lifetime.

This is one more way that Woodburn Dragstrip will continue to be the Leader in the Land of the Leaders in Division Six.

For more information log onto 1320go.com