Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #14, High School #4, Jr Drag Racing Series #11 – Saturday, July 23, 2011

It was a perfect day for racing…………..well, maybe more perfect for some racers than others, but everyone had a good time on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at Woodburn Dragstrip. With two events remaining in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, points are closing in on points-leader, Derrick Jackson in Sportsman, while Super Pro racer, Dave Sattem is holding on to an 80 point lead over Danny Wargnier and Nick Shepherd maintains a 120-point lead over three racers tied for second place. Pat Figini, Steve Stuart, and John Maul are tied for second in Pro with Gene Bergstrom and Dave Bronec only 10 points behind them. Gordon Cady, Jr. is only 20 points behind Derrick Jackson in Sportsman. Motorcycle racers, Eric Johns and Roger Wolff are only separated by 6 points for the points lead. Winners at this event in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series were Matt Claussen, John Maul, Dave Fowler and Rick Tedder.

In the Woodburn Dragstrip Junior Drag Racing Series, Jeffrey Taylor, Dustin Day, and Austin Varner earned event wins. The High School Series has one remaining event. Points leader, Charles Stouder from Philomath took the win at this event moved into a 20-point lead over Vancouver racer, Travis Hilton.

Current points are listed on the Woodburn Dragstrip website. Final results are listed for each class with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

Super Pro
Win: Matt Claussen, Vancouver, WA (Dragster) .019, 8.515, 157.39 (8.48 dial).
R/U: Julie Adams, Molalla, OR (’75 Vega) .055, 9.099, 149.47 (9.11 dial).
Semi’s: David Pracht, Keizer, OR

Win: John Maul, Gresham, OR (’68 Malibu) .041, 11.498, 113.25 (11.48 dial).
R/U: Robert Rhines, Salem, OR (’68 Plymouth) .098, 12.840, 104.11 (12.87 dial).
Semi’s: Dom Andreotti, Scappoose, OR; John Smith, Ontario, OR

Win: Dave Fowler, Springfield, OR (’90 S 10) .074, 12.232, 109.21 (12.11 dial).
R/U: Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, OR (’73 Nova) .050, 13.600, 96.54 (13.71 dial).
Semi’s: Chris Durant, Oregon City, OR

Win: Rick Tedder, Salem, OR (’99 Suzuki) .099, 7.875, 169.14 (7.96 dial).
R/U: Steve Stute, Gladstone, OR (’00 Harley) – foul.
Semi’s: Jack Britton, Salem, OR

Run Tuff
Win: Don Gould, Cottage Grove, OR (’66 Baracuda) .038,10.848, 121.93 (10.84 dial).
R/U: Traci DePeel, Estacada, OR (’63 Chevy) .050,10.105, 132.72 (10.09 dial).
Semi’s: Sadie Floyd, Gresham, OR

Junior Fast
Win: Jeffrey Taylor, Salem, OR (’05 Dragster) .013, 7.994, 77.33 (7.95 dial).
R/U: Kiefer Eickmann, Turner, OR (’08 Eickmann) .127, 7.877, 83.22 (7.90 dial).
Semi’s: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA

Junior Lightning
Win: Dustin Day, Estacada, OR (Dragster) .032, 8.050, 75.77 (7.99 dial).
R/U: Jonah Bettger, Vancouver, WA (Dragster) .057, 7.932, 82.22 (7.93 dial).
Semi’s: Katie Day, Estacada, OR

Junior Thunder
Win: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR (Dragster) .032, 10.400, 60.79 (10.41 dial).
R/U: Maria Marroquin, Wood Village, OR (’99 Dragster) – broke.
Semi’s: Justin Harmon, Bay City, OR

LX Club
Win: Roger Hanson, Everett, WA (’06 Charger RT) .002, 12.993, 105.88 (12.88 dial).
R/U: Dave Kranz, Monroe, WA (’72 Scamp) .058, 12.629, 109.30 (12.43 dial).
Semi’s: Luis Arellano, Vancouver, WA

High School
Win: Charles Stouder. Philomath, OR (’73 Nova) .102, 11.541, 116.45 (11.54 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’85 Chevy Blazer) .025, 13.352, 100.16 (13.14 dial).
Semi’s: John McGrath, Warrenton, OR

Junior Tuff
Win: Taylor Nielsen (’00 Half Scale) .064, 7.909, 82.79 (7.91 dial).
R/U: Matthew Perry, Monroe, WA (RCFK Dragster) – foul.
Semi’s: Spencer David, Eugene, OR

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