Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jr Drag Series #3, Sport Compact Challenge #1, Car Club Challenge Results – April 30, 2011

Three separate categories of intense race action filled the day on Saturday, April 30th. Jeffrey Taylor, Dustin Day, Justin Harmon and Eli Iverson took the wins in Junior competition on Saturday. Berndt Arndt and Derrick Jackson emerged victorious at the first event of the Les Schwab Tires 2011 Sport Compact Series. The Bud Light Team won the Car Club Challenge, with class wins earned by Kurt Gross, Eric Johns, and Gordon Cady, Jr. The Bud Light Team earned 9 points for the team win. Right behind were the Gladiators with 8 points. Tied for third were the Trunk Monkeys and In It To Win It with 5 points, with the tie breaker going to In it To Win It. The Bud Light Team was led by Eric Johns, who, with a .007 package, took the win over teammate Gene Bergstrom in Pro. Bergstrom also drove a car in Sportsman class. Other team members included Devon Hilton and Travis Hilton. Travis earned a runner-up finish in Super Pro. They will earn free admission to the Fall Car Club Challenge event which will be held September 24th where they will have opportunity to defend their win.

Listed below are the final results with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Jeffrey Taylor, Salem, OR (’05 junior dragster) .091, 7.868, 76.28 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Emily Mix, Aumsville, OR (’04 Eickmann) -.020,7.839, 80.95 (7.91 dial).
Semi’s: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA

W: Dustin Day, Estacada, OR (junior dragster) .002, 8.005, 80.07 (8.01 dial).
R/U: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock, WA (’03 Half Scale) .046, 8.942, 71.94 (8.96 dial).
Semi’s: Chad Tallan, Canby, OR

W: Justin Harmon, Bay City, OR (’00 Van Ness) .050, 11.709, 54.48 (11.65 dial).
R/U: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon, OR (junior dragster) .124, 13.688, 39.94 (13.25 dial).
Semi’s: Josh McMyne, Salem, OR

W: Eli Iverson, Salem, OR (junior dragster) – 9.029, 70.91 (8.98 dial).
R/U: Robert Scofield, Keizer, OR (’00 Cheetah) – 8.485, 76.57 (7.94 dial).

W: Berne Arndt, Tigard, OR (’93 VW) .081, 11.540, 119.95 (11.60 dial).
R/U: Joe Moore, Creswell, OR (’96 Civic) .018, 13.40, 103.27 (13.40 dial).
Semi’s: William Breeze, Hillsboro, OR

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville, OR(’98 Suzuki) .071, 18.608, 67.26 (18.51 dial).
R/U: Craig Osborne, Creswell, OR (’07 Acura) .037, 15.215, 90.89 (15.00 dial).
Semi’s: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek, OR; Michael Wallace, Salem, OR

W: Kurt Gross, Oregon City, OR (’01 Undercover) .036, 7.665, 169.68 (7.63 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’72 Vega) .064, 10.127, 133.59 (10.08 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, OR

W: Eric Johns, Milwaukie, OR (’05 Kawasaki) .006, 9.411, 134.22 (9.41 dial).
R/U: Gene Bergstrom, Woodburn, OR (’93 Mustang) .054, 10.057, 135.64 (10.09 dial).
Semi’s: Cliff Mansfield, Odell, OR

W: Gordon Cady, Jr, Vancouver, WA (’65 El Camino) .077, 12.276, 107.44 (12.31 dial).
R/U: Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, OR (’73 Nova) – foul.
Semi’s: Wesley Williams, West Linn, OR; Stephanie Gross, Oregon City, OR

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