Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Bi-Mart/Buy.Sell.Ride/92.3 KGON – 23rd Annual Hot Rod Nationals – Saturday & Sunday, August 13-14, 2011

The 23rd Annual Bi-Mart/Buy.Sell.Ride/92.3 KGON Hot Rod Nationals at Woodburn Dragstrip on August 13 & 14, 2011 could not have been run under more perfect conditions. The weather was great, the racing was superb, the cars looked fantastic, and the crowd loved every pass. Back in June at the Oldies but Goodies Scott White recorded a new track record of 6.555 at 213.57 mph then disaster struck when the parachutes failed to deploy sending the car into the guardrail in the shut down area resulting in extensive damage. In just over a months time Scott White qualified number 1 and moved to the top of the AA/Supercharged class with his win over Howard Anderson. Russ Parker earned the win over his brother in Top Eliminator while Todd Miller downed Chris Marshall in the finals of Pro Nostalgia when Marshall had to shut down because of no oil pressure. The Pro Nostalgia racers set a new record bump spot for qualifying with the top 8 qualifying 7.01 or quicker. Ron Austin has now won back to back as he drove his Fiat to victory in Dragsters & Roadsters and Doug Heilman defeated Richard Dietrich in Top Gas. Jim Sperline prevailed over Paul Comeau in Hot Rod 1 while Robin Andress won both on Saturday and Sunday. She drove her ’37 Ford to victory over Kevin Ward’s ’37 Chevy Sunday in Hot Rod 2. Jeff Sievers and Jon Waldorf were champions in Street Machine 1 and Street Machine 2, respectively. Jeff Haag took the win with his ’65 Dart in Stick Shift and Fred Hultin was successful over Wendy Pine in the Inline/Flathead class.

Saturday’s winners included Danny Wargnier, John Rheinberger, Robin Andress, and Randy Ashley. Al Lyda was runner-up to Danny Wargnier in the Electronics Gambler class with both racers scoring identical reaction times. Rheinberger’s Chevelle downed Anderson’s Camaro while Andress drove her ’37 Ford to victory over Summers’ ’50 Ford. Randy Ashley was successful with his Valiant at the Slant 6 Association race defeating Paradise, CA racer, Wendy Pine.

Following is the final results listing driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Scott White, Gearhart, OR (’41 Willys) – 6.726, 205.05.
R/U: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA (’38 Chevy Coupe) – 7.205, 183.71.
Semi’s: Troy Owen, Albany, OR; Mitch Chamberlin, Orting, WA

Top Eliminator
W: Russ Parker, Salem, OR (’07 Tuttle) .061, 7.686, 201.70 (7.60 dial).
R/U: Randy Parker, Graham, WA (’09 Parker) .026, 7.744, 197.02 (7.60 dial).
Semi’s: Rod Floyd, Battle Ground, WA; Mike Floyd, Battle Ground, WA.

Pro Nostalgia
W: Todd Miller, Fairview, OR (’23 T Roadster) .024 7.088, 192.14 (7.00 dial).
R/U: Chris Marshall, McMinnville, OR (’37 Fiat) – broke.
Semi’s: Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR; Paul New, Sandy, OR.

Dragsters & Roadsters
W: Ron Austin, Medford. OR (’48 Fiat) .107, 8.728, 150.07 (8.74 dial).
R/U: Tommy Stanford, Sherwood, OR (’69 FED) – foul.
Semi’s: Jamie Kerrigan-Mata, Lafayette, OR

Top Gas
W: Doug Heilman, Olympia, WA (’65 Nova) – 9.686, 139.47 (9.64 dial).
R/U: Richard Dietrich, Battle Ground, WA (’41 Chevy) – 8.797, 152.61 (8.76 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR; Ronald Weise, Springfield, OR

Hot Rod 1
W: Jim Sperline, Ellensburg, WA (’57 Chev) .033, 10.265, 131.13 (10.25 dial).
R/U: Paul Comeau, Vancouver, WA (’39 Chev Sedan) .031, 9.517, 139.96 (9.49 dial).
Semi’s: Pinky Garver, Scappoose, OR; Jim Estes, Oregon City, OR

Hot Rod 2
W: Robin Andress, Eugene, OR (’37 Ford Coupe) .053, 12.307, 102.16 (12.12 dial).
R/U: Kevin Ward, Shelton, WA (’37 Chev) .603, 12.734, 104.48 (12.76 dial).
Semi’s: Bret Swopes, Tigard, OR

Street Machine 1
W: Jeff Sievers, Veneta, OR (’68 Cutlass) .042, 11.773, 114.24 (11.79 dial).
R/U: Tony Price, Tigard, OR (’63 Chevy) .050, 10.635, 123.16 (10.66 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR

Street Machine 2
W: Jon Waldorf, Damascus, OR (’70 Ranchero) .077, 12.636, 107.01 (12,60 dial).
R/U: Jimmy Heriford, Vancouver, WA (’64 Galaxie) .029, 12.707, 98.96 (12.72 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Lamkin, Clackamas, OR; Larry Tomanka, Scappoose, OR

Stick Shift
W: Jeff Haag, Alvadore, OR (’65 Dart) .187, 12.538, 109.75 (12.43 dial).
R/U: Bob Johnson, Salem, OR (’63 Fairlane) .288, 12.834, 105.88 (12.70 dial).
Semi’s: Dan Ward, Shelton, WA; Bruce Poppino, West Linn, OR.

W: Fred Hultin, Meadow Vista, CA (’23 T Altered) .181, 10.892, 118.15 (10.89 dial).
R/U: Wendy Pine, Paradise, CA (’64 Dodge) .122, 15.978, 81.13 (15.90 dial).
Semi’s: Randy Ashley, Sandy, OR

Electronics Gambler – Saturday
W: Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR (’72 Vega) .018, 8.566, 159.74 (8.55 dial).
R/U: Al Lyda, Hillsboro, OR (’56 Chev Pickup) .018, 9.180, 145.65 (9.15 dial).
Semi’s: Kim Mason, Mountain Home, ID

Non-Electonics Gambler “A” – Saturday
W: John Reinberger, Shoreline, WA (’71 Chevelle) .053, 10.600, 124.25 (10.59 dial).
R/U: Ryan Anderson, Springfield, OR (’71 Camaro) .082, 11.256, 119.76 (11.26 dial).
Semi’s: Duke Olmsted, Hermiston, OR; Jeff Sievers, Venita, OR

Non-Electronics Gambler “B” – Saturday
W: Robin Andress, Eugene, OR (’37 Ford Coupe) .111, 12.128, 110.25 (12.08 dial).
R/U: Zac Sommers, Carlton, OR (’50 Ford) – foul.
Semi’s: Bob Johnson, Salem, OR

Slant 6 Association – Saturday
W: Randy Ashley, Sandy, OR(’62 Valiant) .065, 16.256, 80.19 (16.10 dial).
R/U: Wendy Pine, Paradise, CA (’64 Dodge) .252, 16.036, 81.39 (15.88 dial).
Semi’s: Robert Evanoff, Jr. Salem, OR

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