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Meaning of a Nickname – July 2011

I never really did have a nickname until I met Jay Livingston. I am not sure where he got it from or why he decided to use it for me. Perhaps he knows more of my life than I thought he did, but be that as it may, in my opinion, I really [...]

Bucket List – June 2011

There is something to be said about “He was the first”. It is almost equally gratifying to say “I saw it happen.”  Maybe there are some of those same experiences that you can identify in your life.  Here is one from mine.
The date was May 31st, 1965.  The location: Indianapolis, Indiana.  The famous Brickyard, as [...]

Celebrating The Big 5-OH – May 2011

It is not often we get to celebrate the big 5–OH also known as fifty. Some of us have made it to our 50th birthday and there are a few couples that have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. But there is one big 50th anniversary that I will be celebrating on January [...]