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Gary Tokos – August 2013 Racer of the Month


A first was decided upon for Racer of the Month in the month of August.  In this month, your Kershaw Knives Racer of the Month went four rounds on Sunday of the Hot Rod Nationals to claim victory in the motorcycle category.  Then,  just two short weekends later, he won not once but TWICE at [...]

Shawn Cowie – July 2013 Racer of the Month

Despite what some may say, racing is not as easy as ‘cut a light, and run the number’.  There are obstacles to every run, every preparation, and even getting to the racetrack.  To be a successful drag racer, one must be prepared for any of these obstacles, so as to be able to properly adjust [...]

Derrick Jackson – June 2013 Racer of the Month

The June Racer of the Month was a tough one to decide.  Two racers had spectacular months of which to count their points.  One racer was in the Pro Bracket class.  That racer cumulated 15 round wins, two Package for the Points victories, and finished off with a Win, Runner Up, and Semi-Final finish, earning [...]

Thomas Jackson III – May 2013 Racer of the Month

Through the month of May, there were two different races that your 2013 May Racer of the Month attended.  Now, getting a win at one of these events would have been a great feat!  Early into the season, it is good to get wins to try and get in front of the field.  As great [...]

Gordon Cady Jr – April 2013 Racer of the Month

The Kershaw Knifes Racer of the Month is an award that goes to racers that had the greatest performance through the month. This could be through round wins, event wins, and other assorted special performances. The winner for this month had an absolutely spectacular one. In the month of April, this driver combined to have [...]

Derrick Jackson – September 2012 Racer of the Month

Some drivers spend years trying to get a Wally. This last weekend there were two drivers who scored their first ever Wally in over 60 combined years of racing. The driver of the month? He scored three within a 30 day period. This driver is your 2012 Division 6 Sportsman representative at Pomona for the [...]

Jerry Durant Jr – August 2012 Racer of the Month

The August 2012 Racer-of-the-Month had a perfect month. He entered two events and won them both. At the Annual Truck Drags held August 4th, our racer went four rounds in the Pick up Class and earned the victory. Two weeks later at the final event of the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, [...]

Travis Hilton – July 2012 Racer of the Month

The Woodburn Dragstrip Racer-of-the-Month for July, 2012 had a very good month. He went a total of six rounds in Super Pro which included a runner-up finish on July 8th. The previous day, on July 7th, our racer-of-the-month won the event in Top Gas and went four more rounds. Racing in High School class, our [...]

Kyler Pitts – June 2012 Racer of the Month

Our June Racer of the Month had a perfect month. He went through the entire month without losing even one round in his series. Not only did he have a perfect month, he is currently leading the points chase in Jr Thunder. This month’s racer comes from the Jr Dragster ranks. [...]

Steve Stuart – May 2012 Racer of the Month

The Racer-of-the-Month for May, 2012 is Steve Stuart. There were three Sunoco Series events in the month of May and most of you will know that the final event was halted by the weather. Our Racer-of-the-Month was at the top of his game at the other two events. With one win and [...]