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Woodburn, Oregon

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Mark Tabert; Hot Rod II Champion

The Hot Rod II category showcases vehicles aged 1959 and older, running 12.00 and slower.  Jeff Enger and Lyle Scott advanced into the final round at the 11th Annual Wave Broadband Tulip Festival.  The winners of both Saturday and Sunday’s competition would receive winner’s plaque, money, and a bouquet of tulips donated by the Wooden Shoe [...]

Gordon Cady Jr; Street Machine II Champion

Street Machine II, a class for cars 1960-1975 running 12.00 seconds and slower featured a major power matchup in the final round of the first race, with last year’s number one and two in the point’s standings battling it out in the final round. Gordon Cady Jr, who took down Lucky Long, Scott Stoner, had [...]

Bruce Poppino; Stick Shift Champion

The Nostalgia Hot Rod Series Stick Shift category saw Shawn Choruby and Jim Wise doing battle at the first event of the season.  Choruby took down Bob Johnson and Bruce Poppino on his way to the finals, while Wise was the winner over last year’s champion Paul Carbaugh before having a single in the semis.  [...]

CJ Stoakes; Inline/Flathead Champion

Jim Johnson and CJ Stoakes were the final round competitors in the first Inline/Flathead final of the season, a class designed specifically for Inline and Flathead equipped competitors in our wildly popular Nostalgia Hot Rod Series.  Johnson went through Doug Powers and Jerry Stauffer before earning the single pass in the semi-final round.  Meanwhile, Stokes [...]

John Masterman; Super Shifter Champion

The Super Shifter category is one strictly for manual-shifting monsters at Woodburn Dragstrip.  In the short history of the series, the one name that has rang dominant is that of John Masterman, who over the last two years posted a total of 34 round wins, and five event wins out of eight final round appearances.  [...]

Mike Canon; Volkswagen Champion

In the Volkswagen Showdown Series, a class that showcased 25 drivers in the inaugural event, racing action was tight. Bernd Arndt battled through Mark Hunt, Ryan Jones, Mike Canon, and Travis Matney before reaching the final round.  Brett Schroeder, on the other side of the ladder, took down crowd favorite Kelli Christensen, Burnout King Ricky [...]

Jerry Durant Jr; Pickup Series Champion

After a season-opening rainout, the first completed race in the Pickup Series showcased 16 competitors, proving it to be a series that will last. Of the two drivers in the final, there was one who had never won a race, Steve Canton, and one who had never been to a final, Tony Bombara. Canton went [...]

John Plaster; Harley Eliminator Series Champion

In the first ever Harley Eliminator event, a six race series started just this year, competition was great among the different riders.  However, as in the standard for bracket-style eliminations, the final round could only consist of two of the great racers, namely John Plaster and Mike Graver.  Plaster defeated Gary Tokos before earning himself [...]

Gary Wargnier; Fall Electronic Series Champion

Scott Nuciforo and Don Paine lined up for final round battle in the first of five races in our Fall ET Racing Series Electronics category.  Nuciforo defeated tough racers in the name of Tom Avgerakis, Marty Stewart, Devon Hilton, and Gary Wargnier.  On the other side of the ladder, Paine plowed through Traci DePeel, a [...]

Dave Bronec; Fall Transbrake Series Champion

In the first race of the Fall ET Series Transbrake class, held at the Fall Classic, Steve Stuart and Todd Buckbee lined up to race in the final round.  Stuart, competing in the final round for the second year in a row, defeated Christopher Dutson, Wallace Cronin, Matt Kielman, and Bryce Moilanen.  For Buckbee: Mike [...]