Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

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Agatonovic Claims Killer Kustoms’ 10.5 Outlaw Win on Sunday Spectacular, ET Winners Decided

Paja Agatonovic claimed victory in the 10.5 Outlaw presented by Killer Kustoms, going four grueling rounds of racing to earn the win in the class on the Sunday edition of the K&N Filters ET Bracket Triple Crown race.  Additional wins went in favor of Kacee Pitts (Dragster/Roadster), John Floyd Sr (Electronics), Robert Steffen (Non-Electronics), Stacy [...]


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Thunder Truck Drags Visits on Saturday, August 8th!»

Grab ‘yer workin’ boots and head to the racetrack for the 37th running of the Lucas Oil Products Thunder Truck Drags, scheduled for August 8th 2015.  There will be big trucks, little trucks, gas powered and diesel trucks, grabbin’ those gears all the way down the quarter mile! If you have a pickup (El Caminos [...]

Racing News

2014-2015 Racer Handbook Amendments»

With the idea of making changes to the 2015 Racer Handbook easier on racer’s minds, the front of every 2015 Racer Handbook includes amendments pages, which show what changes have taken place in the Racer Handbook from the 2014 to the 2015 season.  It is strongly advised that all racers [...]

Tech Bulletin

Tuesday Tech Question (08/04)»

The Tuesday Tech Question is a fun section where prospective technical inspectors or anyone who wants to get a better idea of how to work the NHRA Rulebook can test their knowledge and search abilities. If you have an NHRA Rulebook, try and find the answer to the question in the book before looking down [...]

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Nitro, Flames, and Fast Speeds Complete Night to Remember during Night of Fire»

Nitro, Flames, and Fast Speeds Complete Night to Remember
In a weekend full of non-stop entertainment between the Jet Cars, Nitro Injected Fuel Altereds, Nostalgia BB/Funny Cars, Top Alcohol Dragsters, 10.5 Outlaw presented by Killer Kustoms, and Ed ‘The Outlaw’ Jones and the Jelly Belly/Lucas Oil wheelstander, there was excitement abound all throughout the 5th running [...]

Day One of Night of Fire in the Books»

With day one completed in the 5th Annual Baxter Auto Parts/Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart sponsored Night of Fire—and man what a show! The Nostalgia BB/Funny Cars featured 11 drivers making qualifying passes—ranging from 6.55 to a 6.811 in the top 8 qualifiers. The 10.5 Outlaw class presented by Killer Kustoms showcased Lee Smith going to the number [...]

Mopar Nationals Continues Tradition of Excellence Despite Weathers Attempts»

The 30th Annual Mopar Nationals was completed on Sunday, and even though Mother Nature was trying her best to interfere, it was still an event that remains highly attended and leaving everyone involved with smiles. Nobody’s smiles were quite as wide as those who claimed victories on Sunday, namely Dave Biancalana (Super Pro), Chad Walberg [...]

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